SECURAM Debuts Innovative Smart Home Security Product Lineup at CES 2023

LAS VEGAS, December 30, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Global security company HEKURAM announced today that the lineup of new home technology products will debut at this year’s Consumer Electronics Show CES 2023 event, which will be held at Las Vegas from January 5-8, 2023. From smart light switches to home security and front door locks, the SECURAM Guard Home Security System offers seamless integration and monitoring for homeowners.



For more than 30 years, SECURAM has pushed the security industry forward with innovative products and advances. More than 200 banks and some of the world’s largest companies rely on SECURAM security solutions. Recently, the company has introduced new home security products, including SECURAM Touch, and is using its commercial-class locks with biometric fingerprint access to revolutionize the smart home security market. With the SECURAM Smart Hub and Smart Door and Window sensors, the international company offers a complete smart home security solution for homeowners.

“We believe home security should be easy, simple, and secure. With 30 years of corporate security experience, we’re combining our industry-leading lock and biometrics technology with home security features -users to deliver the safest, longest-lasting products on the market for homeowners,” said Chunlei Zhou, SECURAM CEO. “More than 3 million customers trust SECURAM, and we are proud to share our latest line of smart home security products at CES 2023.”

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CES 2023 visitors can view the SECURAM EOS Wi-Fi Smart Lock and other products at the company’s booth, #52032 at Tech West at the Venetian Expo. The EOS Wi-Fi Smart Lock secures the front door of your home, while allowing homeowners to control home security. Fingerprint technology, code entry, app control, and date-based access features integrate with Alexa and Google Home voice control so users can access when and where they want. they say, all the time.

SECURAM is also combining smart lighting technology with advanced laser and light motion detection in the SECURAM Wi-Fi Security Switch. Designed with safety in mind, the smart light switch can tell the difference between a person and a pet using advanced laser technology, which is more efficient and accurate than passive infrared light technology. The device’s smart mode combines user-defined rules with motion and light sensor technology to improve home security.

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To secure valuables in the home, the Safe Monitor smart home device seamlessly connects to home Wi-Fi and provides temperature, humidity, door open status, and vibration updates. via the SECURAM Guard app. This data helps protect valuables, including documents, photos, and jewelry in a safe. In addition, a vibration and light detect the door’s power and send a push alert when a safe is opened.

All SECURAM products are easy to connect and control via smartphone using the company’s secure cloud-app. Auto-push notifications keep you informed 24/7 no matter where you are in the world, and include a one-touch feature for easy and secure access. Integration with other smart home products, including voice controls, can improve home security even faster.

Get a one-year subscription to SECURAM Guard Home Security Service when you purchase SECURAM smart home products and subscribe using the promotional QR code provided in the package. With an annual home security subscription, you get access to SMS alerts, phone alerts, 30 days of device history and a FREE remote service security lock for one year. Talk to a SECURAM representative today to learn how to sign up for this home care plan.

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About Securam
Since 1991, SECURAM has been an innovative leader in security solutions for home and commercial use. Early in its history, SECURAM was one of the first to develop access control door locks and security lock/lock systems. As the home automation movement began to include various IoT devices for the home, security owners began to look for ways to connect their security. SECURAM developed one of the first connected security lock systems that can be operated and controlled from a smartphone app, and that technology has evolved to include a new smart door lock.

As the company’s expertise in smart technologies increased, it found ways to improve the security of devices offered in the smart home segment. Its team of skilled engineers integrates advanced security techniques developed for the security lock market into security devices for smart homes. Today, SECURAM offers a wide range of highly secure smart devices for the connected home. From biometric smart locks to perimeter security sensors, and smart garage door operators.



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