Schools ban ChatGPT AI tool, afraid students will cheat, plagiarize

  • Some of the country’s largest school districts are banning San Francisco-based OpenAI’s new ChatGPT tool on school networks and devices.
  • Educational technology experts are urging schools to train teachers and students on how to use ChatGPT and artificial intelligence instead of a complete ban.
  • OpenAI told USA TODAY that it was working to develop a way for teachers to catch students who were using a typewriter to answer questions on tests or assignments.

Since ChatGPT launched in November, the country’s largest school district has banned student chats involving the use of fast text generators to cheat or plagiarize.

Teachers and professors are concerned that technology makes it too easy for students to use it as a shortcut for essays or other writing assignments and exams, and that it creates content in a way that can bypass programs found in When students use information that is not their own. Work.

Jumping to ban the device may not be the right action, however, as education technology experts say that because AI will be part of the future of the youth, it must also be part of the class. Learn now, too.


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