Saying Goodbye to “The Internet’s Most Hellish Year”

For the past two days, I’ve eaten really sumptuous lunches in the middle of the workday and also made time to watch a movie. If you have the chance, I really recommend it.

I saw this, your idea

The most infernal years of the Internet. You know – I really enjoy trend pieces like this one, which go beyond a fun catchphrase (eg “Twitter is a hellsite”) or the famous meme (the dog is sitting while the room is on fire), and dig into it some theoretical underpinning. Like yeah, let’s talk more about the Dark Ages and the Circles of Hell on their own merits, not just exaggerating.

There were a lot of WNBA-related ties on this round, but this just tells you about Team Autostraddle’s true interests: From Grinch nail designs to player gift swaps, WNBA players abroad create the Christmas spirit

“The Cheesecake Factory’s legendary menu is on display.” How the Cheesecake Factory Became the Millennium Dream Restaurant Chain

As a cultural document, grown ups He sums up the anxiously self-reliant ethos of early millennials as accurately as Whole Earth Catalog Early ’70s back-to-earth fantasies epitomized what we learned from a decade of adulthood

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Queer as in F*ck You

“We’re aware of the fact that you can’t go backwards. You say, ‘Oh, let’s go back to normal,’… We understand that the normal we’re referring to is what we were doing before February 17th. We remember certain things in the past. We still We try to make sure we don’t turn back. For the most part, our eyes are focused on what the future holds for both of us.”

If you’re going to read this sweet People magazine profile on Brittney and Cherelle Griner, I hope you’ll heed my warning and grab some napkins first. Cheryl Griner Addresses Wife Britney’s Emotional Homecoming After Her Release From Russia: ‘We’re Bearing Tight’

Also, if you saw #WeAreBG online this summer, you may have heard of the Wasserman Group and wondered who they were (I know, I often wondered about this one). In that case, I would recommend this read. She taught me a lot: She was a WNBA super agent. Then one of her clients became a political prisoner in Russia. “Lindsay Kagawa Colas was an important conduit in the effort to free Brittney Grenier.”

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From Sally: “I watched this story about a lady golfer who died and won more titles than anyone else. I normally don’t click on a golf story, but I had a strong feeling she was going to be a lesbian, and she sure was!” (May she rest in peace) Cathy Whitworth, LPGA record breaker, has died at the age of 83

We have a piece about the new Whitney Houston biography I wanna Dance With Somebody Later this week, but until then, there’s only one person I’d like to read about Whitney and that’s Daniel Smith, the esteemed OG of black music journalism who spoke with Los Angeles Times Last week: Whitening or reclamation? Music highlights Whitney Houston’s new biopic on personal lows

A chef renames a restaurant to honor a non-binary child’s transition. “I care about my kid, you know, for his ability to have a safe and happy life,” says Dave Hyde, owner of Ole Restaurant in Madison, Wisconsin.

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Spanish lawmakers approve the Transgender Rights Bill

Whew This whole topic is about canceling as an exercise In the wake of Tory Lanez’s ruling in the Megan thee Stallion shooting case, it’s essential reading.

Political snacks

The Great Big Medicare rip off. “The government is leaving billions of dollars on the table. Here’s how to fix it.”

Politicians whose careers did not continue in 2022

Donald Trump’s Ultimate Campaign. Inside Donald Trump is sad, lonely, thirsty, broken, basically pretending to run for re-election. (It doesn’t mean he can’t win)

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