Sarah Jessica Parker’s latest ‘And Just Like That’ look divides internet

Some fans of the “Sex and the City” spin-off “And Just Like That…” are begging for the return of Carrie Bradshaw’s signature style.

Sarah Jessica Parker, 57, appeared in her latest costume for the second season of the HBO Max series in an Instagram post on Wednesday. Gathered in a long plaid coat with a colorful dress underneath.

Her wavy hair was topped with a gray fedora as a purple and silver purse and teal shoes with cutouts that tied the ensemble together. One commenter on social media dismissed the appearance as a “fantasy tramp”.

Longtime “Sex and the City” costume designer Patricia Field has not returned for the follow-up series because she is busy working on Netflix’s “Emily in Paris.”

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Since then, fashion designers Molly Rogers and Danny Santiago have stepped in – and come under scrutiny – for fashion on “AJLT,” with some fans feeling Bradshaw’s iconic style is gone.

“There are layers that look this good,” read a divisive Wednesday post comment.

“Love Carrie Bradshaw, always! I just watched the whole series and both movies and her style is still iconic,” one user commented on the Instagram post. “However, in the new series, her style is not that of the older Carrie Bradshaw….please bring back Carrie’s iconic style!”

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There are layers that look good
The show captioned the photo on Instagram: “There are layers that look good.”
sarahjessicaparker / Instagram

“We know her character is in her mid-50s, and today’s mid-50s is so chic! I respectfully beg you…please make her look like her fans are waiting for her!” the comment continued.

“So covering it up is nice but I miss Carrie with her short dresses and flaunting her shoulders,” she sang another.

Sarah Jessica Parker was seen on set "And like that..." On October 10 in New York City.
Sarah Jessica Parker on the set of “And Just Like That…” on October 10 in New York City.
GC . pictures
Sarah Jessica Parker was seen filming comedy-drama scenes on HBO in New York City on Wednesday.
Sarah Jessica Parker was seen filming scenes from her HBO Max drama in New York City on Wednesday.
T Jackson / Backgrade
Sarah Jessica Parker "and like that" fashion
Fans are divided if the outfit is true to Carrie Bradshaw’s fashion sense.
T Jackson / Backgrade

“I hate how Hollywood makes them feel like once you’re older you can’t show your skin. Yes you can just like Sam did in ‘Sex and the City’,” another wrote.

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“Carrie hasn’t dressed like this on the series, at SATC. Whoever wears it for this new show, has a bigger budget and a totally different look in mind. I don’t like it,” another commentator wrote in a knockdown of the fashion department. She looks like a fictional tramp.

“Who said that looks good?” One user completely refused.

Bradshaw Stans love the look.

Sarah Jessica Parker "and like that" fashion
One Instagram user reviewed the outfit: “She looks like a fantasy tramp.”
GC . pictures

“Old Curry is back,” one user declared.

“This coat! That hat! That hair!” another gushed.

Sarah Jessica Parker "and like that" fashion
“Old Carrie is back,” another fan said of the clothes.
T Jackson / Backgrade

“Always creative,” wrote one.

“She’s always so gorgeous. I love her! Adorable as always!” Another post.

A release date for “And Just Like That…” for season two hasn’t been announced.


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