Samsung SDS’s Paper on Reinforcement Learning Adopted by NeurIPS

Samsung SDS has published a document on artificial intelligence in the NeurIPS for the third year in a row.

Samsung SDS has shown its technological power in artificial intelligence through the publication of the world’s most famous artificial intelligence society, NeurIPS for three years in a row.

NeurIPS is the world’s largest and most prestigious academic society in the field of artificial intelligence and machine learning. It is famous for its strict standards of publishing only 25% of the top documents in the field. In addition, research papers published by society have a strong influence on technology.

Samsung SDS documentation published this year, entitled “Simulation-guided Beam Search for Neural Combinatorial Optimization”, draws attention with intensive learning that enables neural networks. Learn the best problem-solving methods on your own. The technology seeks accurate and correct answers to problems that may arise in the industrial environment, such as the allocation of cloud computing resources (GPUs) and process optimization in manufacturing and logistics.

Using this technology, Samsung SDS participated in the NeurIPS 2022 Vehicle Routing Competition and was ranked 3rd among 54 companies and universities worldwide.

Rankings in a game are determined by how quickly and accurately you deal with, finding the best way to deliver the product ordered to the customer when variables and complexities exist.

Samsung SDS also won the Jury Prize in the competition, which is given to the team that solves the most innovative and efficient problems using AI technology.

This year, Samsung SDS published a total of 11 documents in a prestigious global society, including NeurIPS.

For example, Practical Approaches to Natural Language Processes (EMNLP) 2022, the Global Language Process Society, published the Samsung SDS document on language model refinement using meta-learning.

Meta-learning is an artificial intelligence system to study the learning process on its own, so it can only learn on its own with the data provided.

In addition, the International Conference on Model Recognition (ICPR) 2022, a prestigious conference in computer vision, adopted two Samsung SDS papers on image classification and automated document classification based on controlled studies. By yourself.

Self-management learning is an AI technology that seeks out and analyzes rules on its own with minimal data. It recognizes subjects and gives meaning without human guidance.

Gwon Young-june, Executive Vice President and Chief Technology Officer at Samsung SDS, said: “This achievement is the result of Samsung SDS ‘efforts to drive research in the medium and long term. Actively in R&D to improve technology and expand its use in industrial settings.


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