Salesforce unveils new skills strategy in South Africa

Salesforce, the global leader in CRM, has announced a high-profile talent strategy and competency program to support digital transformation and workplace development in South Africa.

At the annual Salesforce Live Cape event, Senior Talent Program Manager Ursula Fear said Salesforce South Africa’s talent strategy focuses on five pillars: schools, universities and colleges, the partner ecosystem, customers, and a statewide digital skills initiative. She also introduced Salesforce’s Accredited Training Partner and Workforce Development Partners, who are trying to bring more skills into the ecosystem.

The Salesforce ecosystem is expected to create 31,800 new jobs and $5.1 billion in new business revenue in South Africa by 2026. Fear emphasized the need to focus on the depth and breadth of capabilities to ensure they are fit for purpose and aligned to a solid capability.

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“We have to come together and do things differently if we’re going to close the skills gap. It is not sustainable for companies to import skills from abroad.”

As part of its commitment to skills, Salesforce will partner with Deloitte to launch a skills bootcamp in Q1 2023. This will help people develop special skills.

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Fear said: “We need to come together and change the narrative around education and skills development in South Africa and this type of collaboration is an important step in that direction.”

Salesforce South Africa executives Area Vice President and Country Leader Zuko Mdwaba and Director of Solution Engineering Linda Saunders delivered the keynote addresses at the event. Titled “A New Day for Customer Magic,” the speech focused on the company’s latest innovations and releases, as well as its ongoing commitment to climate protection on NetZero.

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The keynote emphasized Salesforce’s commitment to innovation at a time of tremendous world change. It’s a new day for customer magic, but it’s also a new day for business, underpinned by an alignment of values ​​that drive innovation and change.

Mdwaba reminded the audience that Salesforce is an innovation-driven company. With three product releases per year, their priority is to support and empower companies to be a platform for change through trust, customer success, innovation, equality and sustainability. These five core values ​​are the north star of corporate success.


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