Robot helps replace 100 knees

Orthopedic surgeon Dr Pieter Botha has turned 100th robotic assisted knee replacement at Netcare Pinehaven Hospital in Krugersdorp, South Africa, using the ROSA surgical system. In total, 156 robotically assisted knee replacements have been performed by certified orthopedic surgeons working at the hospital.

The system acts as an assistant, providing objective data about the patient’s unique anatomy to help the doctor make decisions during surgery. Dr. Botha says the doctor is always in control when using the robotic system.

“The technology makes it easier to balance the rest of the patient’s knee, helping to restore each patient’s unique position between the knee, hip and ankles, which is essential to comfort and moving,” he said.

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“The joint is a dynamic mechanical system, and when performing a knee replacement, careful observation is required to ensure the range of motion and balance of the knee. Even the most experienced surgeons can see sometimes less than different from the synthesis, the ROSA system helps the robotic system to reduce this part.

Another advantage of the system is that the patient does not need an MRI scan or other imaging before the procedure. Using the system’s stylus, the doctor monitors the knee’s landmarks and this data, including hip and ankle movements, helps the doctor plan and perform a custom for each person.

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“The right adjustment and balance can improve the healing times and the world in relation to the improvement of the results shown by the patient. [PROM]. After knee replacement, physical therapy and occupational therapy are important for optimizing surgical results.

“This ongoing project is collecting local anonymized clinical data and contributing to an international research team to support and improve outcomes for knee replacement patients worldwide, to those who perform surgery with robotic-assisted technology.”

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Dr. Pieter Botha, orthopedic doctor

Constance Majeke, chief executive of Netcare Pinehaven Hospital, said: “The experience that Dr. Botha and his team have gained in this knee replacement surgery option is an asset to our patients, and the number of ROSA robotic procedures have been performed at the hospital by fellow orthopedic surgeons Dr Attie Cloete and Dr Graeme Davis.”

Netcare Pinehaven is the second hospital in South Africa to introduce ROSA technology and one of six Netcare hospitals offering ROSA and Mako robotic assisted knee replacement.


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