Renowned Muralist Tristan Eaton Leads the Pack in Third and Final Wave of Participating Artists for Cincinnati’s BLINK

Eaton is headlining the nation’s largest immersive event this fall, along with a total of 71 artists – 18 international, 32 local, 21 national – for large-scale projection mappings, murals and interactive light sculptures

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October 13, 2022October 16, 2022 Cincinnati, Ohio

CINCINNATI, September 20, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — With the whole city cincinnati like her canvas, BLINK, lit by ArtsWave, is undeniably familiar with big undertakings. Tristan Essen will be participating in the experience, not only for the multi-day event, but with a permanent mural depicting some of the city’s richest stories. A true superstar in the world of public art, Eaton takes his signature collage and layering style to new heights – literally – weaving even the smallest of details into the image to create an expansive tableau.

madness51‘s mural with projection mapping from goDutch is a prime example of the multi-layered and complex elements that make a lasting impression. Another incredible example of visual art and projection, BLINK’s dedicated partner ArtsWave presents pure visual art in its exciting form for the first time Flow Series previously made up of quarterly performances by renowned black artists and ensembles from across the country whose work is unique and exciting, with a brand new mural by Max Sansing and projection component through cincinnati-based artist Chaske Haverko. Local artist Jenny Ustick creates a mural in honor of the 33-year twinning between cincinnati and Kharkiv, Ukraine.

BLINK also returns to National Underground Railroad Freedom Center, a museum downtown Cincinnati, Ohio which pays tribute to all efforts to abolish human enslavement and ensure the freedom of all people, as a glimmer of hope will shine along the Ohio Riverfront.

As an ode to the awaited debut of Hamilton County new visitor destination the Cincinnati Black Music Walk of Fame at the Andrew J. Brady ICON Music Center and its award winners, BLINK will transform the area into a “golden garden“golden light designs and light-based installations.

Authorize‘s “See Yourself in Light” allows visitors to create a one-of-a-kind piece of light art, projected using data from their digital photo, which is translated into a fractal design with repeating patterns of stylized elements, absolutely unique to each participant. Lightborne Headquarters takes “THE INSIDE OUT” to heart with a projection on the outside of their building and an interactive experience inside.

The interactive elements continue as Immerse yourself interactively brings “Fences,” an interactive light installation that creates patterns from foot traffic along a 7-foot-tall, 72-foot-long custom LED display. Local artist collective from Cincinnati Kemper Sauce Studios brings a playful experience. Gylee games brings the fun too, with their special brand of games that can be enjoyed in small pieces, giving you a glimpse of a larger world.

Arcade of Light brings people together through a sense of interactive wonder with otherworldly light shows displayed atop mystical obelisks. The Rosebud Rotundapresented by a group of cincinnati-based startups including Nimble prototyping, Radius Conceptsand Digital castaway, is an interactive LED installation with programmable LEDs and real-time visualizers. Inspired by the pattern of rose petals, this exhibit creates a 360-degree visual interest that responds as guests walk through the space. Featuring “Visible Spectrum” by designers Sean Cottengim and Ted MaddenPanes of colored tinted vinyl hang from a structural truss and sway in the breeze of passers-by, each of which is lit from above to project shadows of colored light onto the audience.

Breona’s gardena revolutionary framework for worship through Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR), developed by Lady Phoenix in solidarity with the family of BreonaTaylorwill be present in both AR and VR forms.

The FotoFocus Biennale 2022: World Record, BLINK will include several photographic and lens-based light projects presented by PhotoFocus. The all-encompassing experience also extends beyond the visual arts Yalie Kamara, cincinnati Poet Laureate is working on a living poem that will premiere this year. BLINK is proud to highlight the work of Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra and the special performance of Can “Sun Dogs” they have planned for BLINK weekend.

A full list of participating artists can be found on the BLINK website.

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