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Many manufacturing and service companies are struggling to hire new people and pass on the skills and knowledge of veterans to the next generation. Ricoh Japan Corp., which handles sales and maintenance of multi-function devices and printers manufactured by parent company Ricoh Co., Ltd., is one such company.

Smart Glasses – Part of the Transition to Digital Safety Technology

“We also had problems hiring new recruits and aging veterans, and as a partial solution we started using remote support a few years ago, using digital technology to enable the Military support for young people. From May 2021, we started offering smart glasses,” Shimmyouzu explains that it is in the remote support program.

About 4,600 customer service engineers (CE) work in 431 service centers across the country, visiting customers at any time (or on call) to perform multi-tasking engineering. Vuzix M400 smart glasses are now equipped with unknown CEs. If the CE can handle the problem on their own there is no need for smart glasses. However for more complex issues and new errors with the CE, such as the output breaking for an unknown reason, the Vuzix M400 smart glasses connect to the service center through a wireless router, the CE uses camera and microphone to work together on the problem. and a remote specialist. The senior engineer in the office points out issues and solutions based on pictures and explanations, and uses audio and video to tell the CE what to do.

This way, experienced soldiers can share their knowledge with inexperienced CEs, training them at the same time as reducing the
time to resolve the customer’s problem. According to Ricoh Japan’s Suzuno an earlier CE, “It’s like they’re standing right behind me, telling me how to handle it, like what kind of equipment to enhance CE abilities. You can get the same support as a smartphone, but with smart glasses your hands are free.”

Security Guidelines For Use On The Site

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Vuzix, a specialist in the manufacture of smart glasses. Founded in 1997, it has been a leader in the industry for 25 years. The Vuzix M400 is the main design of the breast, equipped with an Organic Light Emitting Diode (OLED) display, 12.8 megapixel auto-focus camera, internal speaker, microphone, 3 gyrosensors, accelerometer, Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth audio. It runs on Android OS. Applications include third-party augmented reality and remote support software, including a Zoom subscription (paid).

“When we review various smart glasses we look at cameras and display resolution, but also how well they work with remote support systems. The Vuzix M400 smart glasses can you look at your work with both eyes, by lifting the display up, and Bluetooth headphones that prevent guidance from the soldier in the remote office heard in the client’s office. We like those features, and they’ve also been tested overseas. The stylish design is another plus,” says Suzuno, part of the selection team.

The customer’s permission must be obtained before using the camera and microphone, however. Tokai, who was involved in managing the work on site, explains that the firm “written guidelines regarding privacy and security. We make sure our CEs follow them and get approval from customers in advance. The customer reviews are very good so far, due to the company’s position. “Many customers appreciate that we use advanced tools, and this contributes to a better corporate image. And since the smart glasses are completely transparent, we don’t have to worry about anyone thinking we’re snapping photos,” added Tokai.

Faster Problem Solving For Better Service Quality

Shimmyozu believes that the adoption of smart glasses is important from the perspective of the Sustainable Development Goals in
core of corporate management, such as training for non-certified CEs, opportunities for elderly or disabled engineers to provide remote support, innovative technology, and reducing CO2 emissions by adding virtual support. The company’s management is driving the introduction of digital technology and operations, aiming to digitally transform the defense technology. As Shimmyozu pointed out, “There are only a few M400 smart glasses at the moment, but we plan to equip each CE youth with one and improve the quality of service.

The program has already begun to take effect, with on-site service times being cut by hours in some cases. Since the old machines are gone
Together with less experienced CEs, it can reduce the number of people visiting the site – which is very unusual in reducing the risk of COVID. Vuzix’s smart glasses solve the problems that companies face today, including training young workers and sharing the knowledge and skills of veterans in the workplace. .

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