Remote desktop hack for last-minute emergencies

AUGUSTA, Ga. (WRDW/WAGT) – We all know how frustrating it is to leave something at home or in the office that you need right away.

It could be sunglasses, a phone, or something on your computer. It’s happened to everyone.

Maybe it’s a file on your home computer that you need at the office. Or maybe you forgot to email or upload to Dropbox.

There is a solution that only serious computer users know. And it’s free. If you use Google, there is a free tool that gives you almost complete control of your computer from anywhere in the world.

Chrome Remote Desktop is a web and mobile app that lets you see, send, and share everything on your desktop or Mac when you’re away from home.

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The computer just needs to be running Google Chrome and connected to your account. Here’s how it works: Install the Chrome extension on your home computer. You can find it in the Google Chrome Store. If you’ve never browsed the Chrome Web Store, it’s worth checking out to find extensions that make using Chrome that much easier.

You can find the Store by clicking the Apps tab on the far left of your Chrome browser window. Google Remote Desktop uses your email address to connect to your Google account so you can access it on a mobile device or another computer.

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It’s a six-digit passcode that you need to know to log in from your other devices. You also need the Chrome Remote Desktop mobile app for iOS and Android devices.

Next time you need something on your home computer, open the mobile app or sign in to Google Chrome on another computer. It’s easy. From a coffee shop we managed to control our computer from a laptop, iPad and smartphone.

Well, something like that. The interface might be simple, but it’s also a bit confusing when you’re trying to swipe a phone’s screen to see what you’re looking for.

You need to think of your index finger on the screen as your mouse pointer, so you need to swipe left on the phone to go to the right side of your home computer screen. We could search and move files as if we were using a mouse on this computer.

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To transfer a file or photo from a laptop to a smartphone, you can find it on your home computer, open it and create a new email and send it to yourself. We use it to move video files to a Dropbox folder to send to someone else. The home or work computer just needs to be turned on. Of course you can’t. But you can do everything else. Working remotely saves you a crazy drive home.

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