Redefining Immersive Virtual Experiences With Embodied Audio

EDGE Sound Research is a pioneer. “Built-in audio,” a new technology that is changing the way we experience virtual reality. when we think “Virtual reality” seems to focus solely on our vision. EDGE Sound Research’s built-in audio revolutionizes the way we experience sound in VR through the use of audible and tactile frequencies.

One thing that makes this technology different is that it was born out of co-founder Ethan Castro’s experience. So he had to use his voice. Moreover Castro also loved music and became a professional sound engineer and songwriter. He researched how sound could be perceived by combining hearing and sensation. He eventually teamed up with co-founder Val Salomaki to start EDGE Sound Research.

Bring embodied sound to life

The embodied sound adds realism to the sound. This groundbreaking technology combines the auditory sensation and the physical sensation of sound in

“This means users can enjoy every audible frequency range. (acoustic sounds) and tactile (tactile and tactile sounds also known as physical sound)” said Castro and Salomaki.

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Castro and Salomaki go on to explain that they have invented a new, patent-pending technology for integrated audio. Dubbed ResonX™, this new technology, nominated for a CES Innovation Award, has the ability to transform any physical space or environment. Let it be a sound experience that is embodied. It is capable of reproducing a wide range of physical sounds (7-5,000+ Hz) and acoustic frequencies (80-17,000 Hz).

Create new experiences with the ResonX™ system.

“The ResonX™ system is a combination of hardware and software. Users place a ResonX™ Core (hardware component) on a material surface and ResonX™ software calibrates the material surface for reliable high-fidelity resonance. which users can hear and feel.” said Castro and Salomaki.

ResonX Core - Sound Collected by Edge Sound Research

For example, when someone uses their ResonX™ system at home, they can connect the ResonX™ Core to their sofa. This effectively turns them into a built-in audio experience, so when they’re sitting on the couch watching their favorite show like a basketball game, They will feel as if they were there alive. Users can hear every sound. Including the sound of the ball dribbling and even faint sounds, such as the sound of sneakers

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According to Castro and Salomaki, if users want to take their movie viewing experience to the next level. What they can do is as follows.

“Each person can attach the ResonX™ to the ground, then immerse themselves in walking around a whole new world hearing and feeling every moment to make the experience feel alive.”

In addition to enhancing our user experience in the metaverse, this new technology finally allows us to tap into our other senses, adding a whole new dimension to the way we experience music, gaming, live entertainment, and more.

embodied sound - original sound vs. ReasonX

“This opens the door to new possibilities. in storytelling and global connections Because now the experience can begin to blur what is real. Because all three senses simultaneously notify the user that a certain moment is occurring. not an effect but the reality that embodied.” SHARE co-founder of EDGE Sound Research

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Embracing innovation in the VR space

with ResonX™ and the ability to bring the built-in sound to life. Users can now have a richer experience in the virtual world. Not only will they be able to experience vision. but also the opportunity to experience these virtual worlds using the senses of hearing and touch. Users now have the opportunity to transform their physical environment into a cohesive sound system.

The good news is that users can now enjoy built-in audio experiences in many public places. According to Castro and Salomaki, they have already implemented ResonX™ in stadiums, bars and the arts scene. Back home, you can get in touch with EDGE Sound Research for custom installations.

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What will the embodied sound look like in the future?

tends to be more widely accessible “As time passes We will be introducing a more widespread consumer version of the ResonX™ system. This will make ResonX™ technology more accessible to everyone.” said Castro and Salomaki.


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