Pinterest Predicts Free Dates, Flirty Fashion And Train Travel For 2023

With a look to 2023, Pinterest has released its annual forecast of trends based on the analysis its AI has conducted on billions of searches conducted on concept sharing sites. The company claims that in the last three years 80% of its predictions have come true. This is what to expect in the new year.

General Z

Graduation from economic uncertainty, where internships, hiring, freezing and layoffs, especially in the tech sector, have raised concerns among the emerging Gen Z workforce. Out as a generation of savers who save money as kings.

For value-for-money appointments, it is expected to provide such a low-cost experience. A bike ride by the sea. Because the best things in life are free (or almost free), searches for “lunch ideas” increased 385%, “aquarium dates” increased 235% and “dates Bookstores “increased 195%.

For adventure travel, the beautiful railway is probably just the next hot spot. Bragging about trains tended to go hand in hand with the search for “Indian Railway Station Photography” which increased by 175%, “European Beauty” by 105% and “Travel Train Quotes” by 285%.

For a look, romcom core is inspired by a romantic comedy. Cueless, holiday And Urban sex From the late 90s and early. “Girls 2000” searches increased by 235%, “90s summer clothes” increased by 150%, “Women’s Beauty” increased by 140%, “Pink mini skirts” increased by 145% and ” Rhinoceros dress “increased by 90%. Pinterest is also predicting a return to erotic culture, with searches for “Berlin fashion” up 250% and “house music costumes” up 185%.


For millennials tying weddings, earth-filled weddings are being predicted as search for “orange wedding style” increases by 695%, “ground floor bridal dresses” by 230% and ” Copper sari “increased 285%. And for those on the street, the fourth trimester is expected to bring more comfort with the 140% increase in “postpartum gifts” questions.

The game of high-yield savings accounts is expected to be one thing as interest rates continue to rise. The search for “weekly savings competition” increased 355% with people creating their own do-it-yourself competition with prizes to withdraw.

General X

For fitness, look back to the “basic movement” with finding basic exercises with push-ups, pull-ups under the bridge Lungs sitting and sitting up 120%. Attention to avoiding injuries from sitting in the office was also projected, with searches for “waist exercises” up 210% and “extended mobility” up 140%.

For home decor, the old may be the same again as search increased for “classic interior design” 850% and “modern mix with antique furniture” 530%.

Puppy Pool Party is also expected to surprise as searches for “DIY dog area in the backyard” increased 490% along with “small pool ideas” increased 830%.


Boomers are expected to double down on sustainable living, while the search for “drought-resistant landscape design” rose 385%.

Hobbies such as origami and journal writing are likely to be popular as searches for “how to make paper rings” increased 1725%, “writing therapy” increased 1840% and “newspaper therapy” increased 3755%.

And YOLO celebrations, which you only once broadcast live, are believed to be in the works around major events, while queries for the “Golden Anniversary Party” rose 370%.


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