Palo Alto Networks 5G-Native Security Now Available on Microsoft Azure Private Multi-Access Edge Compute

SANTA CLARA, California., September 22, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Palo Alto Networks (NASDAQ: PANW), a private Microsoft Azure MEC ecosystem partner, today announced the availability of VM Series Next Generation Virtual Firewall (NGFW). technology on the Azure Marketplace. VM Series virtual firewalls provide end-to-end Zero Trust security at the enterprise edge and can now extend best-in-class NGFW capabilities to help protect private Azure MEC applications and provide centralized protection against cyberattacks Offer.

Azure Private MEC combines networking capabilities, applications and edge-optimized Azure services managed from the cloud to deliver high-performance, ultra-low latency 4G/5G private wireless solutions that meet the modern business needs of enterprise customers.

“Our long-standing partner solutions with Azure and our VM-series virtual firewalls have been protecting customers’ cloud environments for years,” he said Prem Iyer, Vice President, Ecosystems GSI and CSP, Palo Alto Networks. “The new 5G capabilities of the VM series enable enterprises to secure mission-critical applications in industries such as manufacturing, healthcare, utilities and public sector, all of which require the latest private wireless network technology.”

5G mobile networks with multi-access edge computing combine AI and cloud technologies to transform businesses and industries. Customers are choosing this next-generation mobile technology for its security and reliability, but increasingly sophisticated networks must be protected against a complex and escalating “threat landscape.” Palo Alto Networks 5G Native Security on the VM Series brings advanced Layer 7 security capabilities to detect and block known exploits, malware, malicious URLs, spyware, and Command and Control (C2) for 5G-powered edge computing use cases To block. The next-generation VM-Series firewall enables organizations to achieve comprehensive security for end-user application traffic traversing the Azure Private 5G Core, securing the edge infrastructure and helping to detect and mitigate malicious activity in user traffic .

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Key benefits of the solution include:

  • Get to market faster with a fully tested and validated solution.
  • Easier to deploy at scale through the Azure Marketplace, facilitating rapid adoption of NGFWs.
  • Predefined configuration templates for comprehensive zero-day security.

Azure-integrated Panorama management solution enables collaborative management of VM-series virtual firewalls deployed across cloud and edge environments from a single console, providing centralized visibility and actionable insights into network traffic, logs, and threats.

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“We are excited to add Palo Alto Networks 5G security products to Azure Marketplace and our private Azure MEC ecosystem,” said Shriraj Gaglani, General Manager, Azure for Operators. “This adds an important option for customers when designing critical end-to-end security frameworks underpinning Industry 4.0 use cases built on top of our private Azure MEC solution.”

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