Our Favorite Bike Phone Mounts in 2022 – Top Reviews by Autoblog Commerce

However, with so many options available online, it can be quite difficult to choose the phone mount that perfectly suits your needs. Don’t worry though as we have made a list of the best bike phone mounts in 2022 along with a buying guide to learn more about how to take your phone with you on the go without it falling off your bike or off the bike your bag.

Buying guide: Cell phone holders for the bike

A bike phone holder can make your rides much more convenient, but it is difficult to find one that suits your needs. That’s where we come in – check out some key things to consider to find a quality bike phone mount in 2022:

What Are the Different Types of Bike Phone Mounts?

Ram mounts

Ram Mounts hold your smartphone in an X-shaped grip. These bike phone mounts are flexible and hold your smartphone firmly.

Universal mounts

Universal bike phone mounts are designed with two handles on each side to easily attach any size smartphone. These mounts are ideal for use with mountain bikes.

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Phone mounts with a case

These bike phone mounts come with an attached smartphone case. With this type of holder, all you have to do is take your smartphone out of the case and place it in the case of the holder.

Mounts with a waterproof bag

This type of bike mount is waterproof and can be fully covered or transparent.

Things to consider before buying a bike phone mount


It’s important to know if your phone is compatible with the bike mount you’re looking at. Phone mounts come in a variety of sizes and dimensions and can clamp phones of different sizes. There are also universal phone mounts that fit smartphones of almost all types and sizes.

material durability

A bike phone holder should be able to withstand harsh conditions. Manufacturers typically construct phone mounts out of silicone, metal, or hard rubber to increase durability. You should think about how you ride and choose a suitable bike phone holder that is made of a durable material.

Flexible features

Some bike phone mounts are flexible and can be rotated in any direction, allowing you to adjust them to suit your needs. However, this is not a mandatory factor to take into account and mainly occurs in high-end models.

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Affordability is important before you buy a bike phone mount. Phone mounts come in a variety of prices, so before making a purchase, you should assess your needs and budget and choose the mount that suits your needs.

How are bike phone mounts useful?

Bike phone mounts can be very useful for people who want to keep an eye on their phone while out and about, and are great for ride-along/delivery drivers and people who want to track their cycling for fitness. Some people also use bike phone mounts to listen to music while riding because it’s a convenient way to switch songs and see what’s on when they stop riding.

Where can I attach a phone holder for the bike?

You can mount a bike phone mount on the handlebars of your bike with the help of a clutch clamp and brake. This allows you to quickly check Google Maps or listen to music without having to take your phone out of your pocket. Make sure your bike phone mount is strong enough to support your device and keep it in place even when riding at high speeds.

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Frequently asked questions about bike phone mounts

Q: Are all bike phone mounts water resistant?

Not all bike phone mounts provide protection from water. Waterproof phone mounts usually come with a pocket that provides a protective film for your device.

Q: Will my bike phone holder fit all types of bikes?

Not all bike phone mounts are suitable for use on all bikes. If you’re looking for versatility, consider buying a universal mount. The most important thing to consider with a universal mount is whether the mounting bracket is large enough to fit your bike’s handlebars.

Q: What is the advantage of a bike phone mount?

Buying a cell phone bike mount might seem like an odd choice, but it can allow you to use the apps on your phone while you ride and provide easy access to your device whenever you want.

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