OTTO modern Turkish coffee pot hits Kickstarter

OTTO new Turkish coffee pot

If you’re a Turkish coffee drinker who wants to get started, you might be interested in a new Kickstarter campaign for OTTO. A new Turkish coffee mug available in three different colors and 550 mL or 18.5 ounces. It was designed and built by serial Kickstarter entrepreneur Anze Miklavec who lives in Ljubljana, Slovenia. The OTTO creates a unique flow in the pot that more efficiently extracts the flavors. Watch the video presentation below to learn more about its design and brewing process.

Specially priced early bird tickets are now available for the event from $44 or £37. (based on current exchange rates)a huge discount of 41% off the retail price, while the Kickstarter crowdfunding continues.

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Turkish coffee

“The secret to the best taste is hidden in the water that is gradually heated to the end of the temperature. It is mixed with ground coffee, it heats up and creates a unique flow in the pot. This will absorb the flavors more effectively and result in a cup full of flavor. After you pour coffee into your cup, let the grounds settle for 2 minutes. Timing is important. in the end to a nice smooth cup of coffee.”

Freshly brewed Turkish coffee

“Turkish coffee is one of the oldest brewing methods dating back to the 14th Century in the Ottoman Empire (hence the name – OTTO). It is brewed in a special pot called an ibrik and çezve, made of copper or tin. Our goal is to bring Turkish coffee a new modern look: a coffee pot that celebrates one of the most famous coffee brewing methods in the world and looks great to be displayed in a new kitchen.

Assuming that the OTTO crowdfunding campaign has successfully reached its required pledge goal and is progressing well, it is expected that shipments will be delivered throughout March 2023. To learn more for the new OTTO campaign of the Turkish coffee pot see the promotional video below.

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For a full list of all available early bird specials, tour dates, additional announcements and details on the new Turkish coffee pot, jump over to OTTO’s deals page by visiting the link at below.

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