Orange Money to be first mobile wallet in the metaverse

By Leandra Montero


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orange moneyPetra Mobile Payment Services, also known as Orange Money, has signed a memorandum of understanding with LivaatVerse, the first Arab Metaverse platform, to mark the official entry into the mobile wallet Metaverse by creating a Digital Twin using the technology. LivaatVerse and become Jordan’s exclusive mobile wallet for financial transactions in LivaatVerse.

Engineer Samlee Yimrat, President of Orange MoneyIt highlights that this step is in line with Orange Money’s strategy of adopting the latest technological developments as a multi-service provider, noting that Orange Money has become the first in the number of open wallets to exceed 700,000 and its trading volume. maximum of transactions according to data from official sources and the largest among PSPs in Jordan.

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Walid Hamdan, CEO and Partner of Ultra Brains Investment & Trading (UBITC) Group.It affirms that at this stage, Orange Money will play a key role in developing the infrastructure for the mobile payment sector towards a smart and sustainable future. which corresponds to the rapid development Payment gateways will soon be built for all sectors using augmented reality technology. to ensure a safer environment. and increasing the number of people who process digital payments online in the LivaatVerse, he added.

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Mohamed Ismail, co-founder of UBITC and owner and developer of LivaatVerse.“Orange Money’s presence on the LivaatVerse will be a huge boost to companies. In every sector it is necessary to keep up with the latest and most advanced technological advances. and use these advances to create fast and sustainable means of communication and interaction. which is supported by virtual reality Reality and artificial intelligence technology to facilitate the work of service providers in this sector.

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LivaatVerse was created to be a true metaverse that aims to serve the community. The developers have come a long way in creating the infrastructure for Metaverse, which consists of the integration units that support and manage this virtual world, which Orange Money will be a part of under the agreement.

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