OpsMx Extends Argo CD With Deployment Controls and Visibility for Enterprise GitOps

First open platform for deployment on VMs, containers and functions; On premises and in the cloud

MOUNTAIN VIEW, California., September 20, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — OpsMxthe leader in intelligent continuous delivery, announced today at ArgoCon 2022 a suite of software and services to enable more scalable and secure enterprise GitOps. The new OpsMx Enterprise for Argo and OpsMx Intelligent Software Delivery (ISD) for Argo products extend the capabilities of Argo, a Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF) open source project for continuous software delivery in Kubernetes environments. OpsMx also brings to the Argo community CD at Scale best practices learned from existing OpsMx customers such as Cisco, Google and other global Fortune 100 companies. OpsMx now offers the first and only open platform for automating application deployments to any target platform – containers, virtual machines and functions – on-premises and in the public cloud.

“Developers already love Argo’s flexibility and ease of use,” said Gopal Dommety, CEO and co-founder of OpsMx. “With this announcement, operations teams and SREs will have the tools they need to stay in control of production deployments without slowing down their developers or the business.” Demand for Argo continues to grow as enterprises migrate applications to Kubernetes and containers. The CNCF user survey published February 10, 2022 found that Argo production utilization increased by 115% year-over-year.

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Enterprise Argo users with an immediate need for greater production security can leverage OpsMx Enterprise for Argo (OEA) for free. OEA is an open source distribution of Argo CD, Argo Workflow, Argo Rollouts and Argo Events that has undergone additional security testing and hardening. OpsMx constantly provides security patches as new vulnerabilities are discovered. An enhanced Argo installer simplifies security integrations like SSO and secrets management, as well as future Argo upgrades. OpsMx also offers paid 24×7 enterprise support.

OpsMx Intelligent Software Delivery (ISD) for Argo provides unified management across multiple Argo clusters in an enterprise deployment. Applications can be tracked throughout their lifecycle, from development through testing to deployment and production with just a few clicks. Both manual and automated gates can be added to the deployment process to enforce security policies, change controls, and application readiness. AI/ML on data collected from 70+ integrations with leading DevOps tools drives intelligence in the process. All of this can be reported and checked centrally.

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OpsMx Argo Deployment Services enable users to quickly get to a production-ready Argo deployment. This can include refactoring pipelines from legacy CD environments into Argo workflows. OpsMx SaaS offerings eliminate the need to manage infrastructure and upgrades.

OpsMx is also expanding support for the Argo open source community to encourage more users to see what Argo has to offer. A new Argo sandbox provides a free, SaaS-deployed, open-source Argo environment for hands-on exploration. Upcoming training events include free webinars with Argo users from Adobe and Splunk, and OpsMx experts discussing the challenges of continuous delivery. OpsMx is proud to be a Platinum Sponsor of ArgoCon 2022.

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Together, these Argo additions bring Kubernetes-native capabilities to OpsMx’s open CD architecture, creating the first and only open platform for best-in-class deployments in both Kubernetes and virtual machine/multi-cloud environments.


OpsMx ISD for Argo and OpsMx Enterprise for Argo are currently in private preview, with general availability in November 2022. To request access, contact OpsMx at [email protected].


About OpsMx

OpsMx intelligently simplifies and automates software delivery, enabling hundreds of thousands of developers at Google, Cisco, Western Union and other leading global companies to deliver better software, faster. Featuring open source Argo and Spinnaker, OpsMx is the first open, unified platform for deploying applications across containers, virtual machines, and multi-cloud environments. The company’s 150 employees serve clients from offices in Silicon Valley, Hyderabad, and Bengaluru, with funding from Dell Technologies Capital and Foundation Capital. For more information visit opsmx.com.

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