One UI 5 coming to Galaxy

One UI 5, the next big release of Samsung’s “skin” on the Android operating system, will be sent to Galaxy devices in the coming weeks.

Originally developed to give people more control over their mobile devices, a UI was created to connect innovative devices with intelligent systems.

The new version, an updated skin based on Android 13, will include the following new features, provided by Samsung:

A UI 5 represents Samsung’s mobile experience, designed to give people more options for dressing up their devices the way they want – and this starts with communication.

The new Bixby Text Call users can communicate in the way that suits them best. With Bixby Text Phone, you can answer phone calls by simply writing a message. Samsung’s Bixby smart base converts text to audio and shares it directly with the caller on the line for you, showing you what the caller is saying by changing their voice to document. This feature is perfect for times when you want to communicate but can’t or won’t be able to hear, such as when in the library or at a noisy concert. With this feature, you can carry your phone in any environment without disturbing or losing track.

What you need from your device changes throughout the day. The features you use for your morning routine to wake you up and energize you may not be the same as what you focus on during the work day. And the Activitiesyou can trigger a series of actions on your device based on your actions, with One UI 5’s Modeyou can create there are requirements for different areas of your life from sleep and relaxation to exercise and driving.

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For example, when you’re exercising, the most important thing is to turn on notifications to stay in the zone and play music. Finally, when it’s time for bed, turning off the sounds and turning on dark mode will help you wind down.

A UI 5 also gives an error it looks fresh and new because it makes the user experience better and easier. From bolder, simpler application icons to a subtle color scheme, Samsung has paid attention to the important details of the mobile experience.

Samsung also improved the notification in One UI 5 to make it easier and easier to read and send answers and reduce the buttons and receive calls from the new design. display phone pop-up.

Beyond all the design aspects, personalization and the ability to express yourself is an important part of everyone’s mobile experience. To take this to the next level, One UI 5 supports simple and flexible settings in the lock screen. With just a few clicks, you can trim a video to turn every memorable moment into a highlight on your phone. You can make this lock screen even better by changing the wallpaper, clock face, and notifications from the same screen.

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Mobile Experience
In addition to providing you with options to customize the look and feel of your device, One UI 5 also offers new features to help you work better. For example, widgets in One UI 5 come with exciting new options and the ability to keep your Home screen clean and fresh. Stackable widgets. With this new feature you can drag and drop widgets on top of each other, and swipe left or right to quickly and easily scroll through each section, if available. place on your Home screen and use it more efficiently.

To further improve mobile performance and performance, a new UI 5 will also be introduced Wise thoughts for widgets. Based on your usage patterns and the context of your mobile interactions, Smart suggestions automatically suggest apps and activities that truly personalize the mobile experience.

You can be flexible extract words from pictures and attach it to the note. Whether it’s to quickly capture the details of a meeting from a message you want to send to a friend, or to easily save a phone number from a business card, One UI 5 makes it easier to effective and smart text extraction.

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In addition, you can also manage all the devices connected to your smartphone in the new Linked device menu, you can access all features that work with other devices such as Quick Share, Smart View and Samsung DeX. Now with easy access to the Auto switch Buds menu, you can automatically switch Buds from one device to another for better performance between devices.

Samsung knows there’s no privacy without security, so in One UI 5, these two settings have been combined into a simple, easy-to-navigate dashboard, making it easier for you to manage your device and sensitive information. privacy.

This is new Security and privacy dashboard designed to make it easy to quickly and easily understand the status of your device. With a quick glance, you can quickly check your device’s security and find recommendations and warnings based on status.

To ensure that your communication remains unique, One UI 5 also has new features notifications on the Share Panel2 warns you if you accidentally share a photo that contains sensitive information such as your credit or debit card, driver’s license, ID, or passport.


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