Ocean Quantify Seeks to Unlock the Revolutionary Change of AI Quantification in 2023

Denver, Colorado, USA, December 27, 2022; King NewsWire Ocean-Quantify follows the wave of the decentralized gold rush. From 2018 to 2022, Ocean-Quantify will progressively evolve into a decentralized transaction service platform with higher performance, higher reliability and security. In the future, Ocean-Quantify plans to move towards decentralization with promising developments.

December 28, 2022 Ocean-Quantify was lauded for its excellent service and professional skills in Times Square, and I’m sure many of you have witnessed this moment.
Blue Ocean Financial Group Investments Ltd., the parent company of the Ocean-Quantify platform, was founded by leading US and Canadian investment institutions CIBC, Scotia Bank, National Bank and BlackRock Group. Established by ⸺CIBC, Scotia Bank, National Bank and BlackRock Group⸺, the top investment institutions in the US and Canada.

The main focus is on emerging technologies such as blockchain, artificial intelligence, cloud computing and traditional finance. Not just in computing, but also in traditional finance like sovereign wealth funds and venture capital.

The company is based in Denver, Colorado, USA and has obtained compliance licenses in several countries including the USA, Australia and others. In 2019, it established Ocean-Quantify, a subsidiary of Blue Ocean Financial, to focus on cloud computing, power mining, and digital currency quant trading services.

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In 2023, Ocean-Quantify will deploy multiple supercomputing centers around the world to provide professional and efficient cloud computing, power mining and digital currency quantitative trading services to users around the world. Quantitative hedging trades that deliver strong returns to reduce risk Ocean-Quantify is a decentralized trading protocol based on a fund exchange pool created on the Ocean-Quantify exchange. Ocean-Quantify is a decentralized trading service platform and “index fund investment tool” that has long been tested with high intensity, high frequency and uninterrupted testing. “Ocean-Quantify is a quantitative strategy system. Multiple trading modes provide personalized choices to customers. Under the premise of ensuring the owner’s safety, wealth actively flows in, stable profits are obtained, risks are reduced, and finally quantitative and qualitative changes are realized.

A complete ecological scenario that makes transactions easier and faster

Ocean-Quantify is a “major battleground”. It has the inherent advantage of decentralization and immutability of data on chain, making it more secure.

Secure storage, transfer and transaction of digital assets
It accesses each token’s blockchain node, providing wallet addresses, storing tokens, transferring tokens between addresses, and acting as a “bank” in the digital asset space.

loan management
More coverage. Users can deposit cryptocurrencies for interest or use cryptocurrencies as collateral to lend other currencies.

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DApp borderless access
The Ocean-Quantify wallet is linked to DApps, allowing users to access each DApp directly from the wallet for various activities.

Versatile features, great user experience

Secure storage and trading of digital assets
Users can safely store their assets in the Ocean-Quantify wallet, easily complete various transactions, and freely roam the world of digital assets.
AI Quant Investment Robot
The intelligent quant investment robot perfectly combines big data and AI technology to solve risks and earn high returns.
Investing in futures and options
It allows users to easily engage in digital currency financial derivatives investments and earn risk-averse excess returns.
fixed income finance
Using the digital assets stored in the Ocean-Quantify wallet, you can enjoy absolutely stable returns by investing in financial products with different investment conditions and fixed income.
liquidity guidance pool
A regulated smart mining pool designed for initial allocation and price discovery of new assets. Generally, the asset weight of LBP is constantly changing during the token sale.
Users perform arbitrage trading using the Swap feature, and the proceeds are sent directly to the user without using tokens, eliminating capital arbitrage.
pledge mining
Participate in staking to “earn money” and lock up your crypto assets to preserve your capital. The more assets you promise, the higher your income.

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In 2023, Ocean-Quantify fully implements its global development plan with a legal and orderly layout in 43 countries in the United States, Europe and Asia, and long-term high-intensity, high-frequency and uninterrupted testing. We guarantee a variety of trading models to provide customers with a personalized choice. And under the premise of ensuring the owner’s safety, wealth takes the initiative to find the door, get stable income, reduce risk, and ultimately achieve quantitative change to qualitative change!

media contact

Organization: Ocean Mining LLC

manager: Martinez Daniel

email: [email protected]

Website: https://www.oentoken.com/en_US.html

city: Denver

situation: CO, 80202

country: United States of America

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