Nuance Precision Imaging Network Teams With Nvidia’s MONAI

Nuance Communications Inc. And Nvidia have announced a partnership that they say will put AI-based diagnostic tools directly into the hands of radiologists and other physicians to a size that allows for better patient care. Up at a low price.

Last month, Healthcare Innovation AI, an open source and specialized field of AI imaging, called the Medical Open Network for Artificial Intelligence (MONAI), is gaining momentum in its efforts to address the challenges of deep learning integration. Into health care.

The newly announced partnership brings together the size of Nuance Imaging Network, an AI-powered cloud platform that provides patient insights from diagnostic images into the clinical and administrative workflows – and MONAI – collaborated. Developed and accelerated by Nvidia.

Earlier this year, Microsoft announced the completion of its acquisition of Nuance. Its precision imaging network provides access to the ecosystem of AI-powered devices and insights into clinical workflows to the more than 12,000 healthcare facilities and 80 percent of U.S. radiologists who use reporting. Nuance PowerScribe radiation and PowerShare image sharing solution.

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Together, Nuance and Nvidia say they will allow for the validation, deployment and evaluation of the safety and effectiveness of medical imaging AI models.

Mass General Brigham is the first major medical center to use the MONAI and Nuance Precision Imaging Network to define a unique workflow that integrates medical imaging model development, software packaging, deployment and clinical improvement ideas for sample improvement. It employs more than 80,000 people, providing care to 1.5 million patients a year with an annual research cost of $ 2.3 billion.

Using the combined offering, the medical center said it has deployed a breast density AI model that has reduced the waiting time from several days to just 15 minutes. Women can now discuss with their doctor the results of their scan and discuss the next steps before they leave the clinic, rather than going through the stress and anxiety of waiting for the results.

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Dr. Keith J. Dreyer, Ph.D., DO said, “With the combination of Nvidia’s and Nuance technologies, our AI researchers can focus on training and developing their models, rather than equipping both. All below. ” Mass General Brigham in a statement. “That makes it easier for our doctors to get AI-enabled insights so they can provide the best care, speed up treatment time and improve patient outcomes.”

Clinical feedback loops to research continue to reduce model adaptation time from years to weeks and have allowed Mass General Brigham to reduce the cost of developing AI imaging, medical imaging, and maintenance software.

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“The adoption of AI radiation on a traditional scale is hampered by the complexity of the treatment process and the lack of application standards and platforms,” ​​Nvidia’s director of healthcare business development David Niewolny said in a statement. “This partnership clears those barriers by allowing AI’s amazing capabilities to be distributed immediately at the point of maintenance faster than ever before.”

“The strategic partnership between Nuance and NVIDIA simplifies the process of deploying AI-trained diagnostic imaging into existing treatment programs for everyone.” We are effectively addressing how you gain medical insight from the “chair,” said Peter Durlach, executive vice president and chief strategy officer of Nuance, in a statement. “This will enable them to deploy their solutions faster, helping to transform the workflow of the image to improve patient outcomes and the health system’s financial performance.”


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