No smartcard, token needed to travel in Namma Metro from October, BMRCL to introduce QR-based tickets

Namma Metro commuters can purchase the tickets on their smartphones using the “Namma Metro” mobile application. The app displays a QR code that can be tapped at QR-enabled Automated Fare Collection (AFC) gates for boarding and alighting at subway stations.

Bangalore: From October 2022, Namma Metro commuters will be able to travel without a smart card or physical token. The Bangalore Metro Rail Corporation Limited (BMRCL) has decided to introduce QR-based tickets that will allow commuters to purchase tickets through the Namma Metro mobile application.

Commuters can purchase travel tickets through a mobile app by choosing their origin, destination and number of passengers. This saves commuters time and avoids long queues when buying tickets at subway stations.

The app displays the QR code that can be tapped at the QR-enabled Automatic Fare Collection ( AFC ) gates at subway stations.

Once the new system is activated, commuters will no longer have to carry around plastic smart cards and wait in long queues for one-time return tokens and top-ups. However, commuters can still buy physical tickets/tokens and use smart cards as these will remain valid along with the new system.

“Passengers can place the QR code tickets in the Namma Metro app. Once entering a station, passengers can hold the QR code electronic ticket against a scanner at the AFC gate to gain access to the platform level,” said BMRCL Managing Director Anjum Parwez, as reported by Indian times.
Advanced NCMC (National Common Mobility Card) and QR code compliant AFC gates were installed at the new phase two subway stations from the start, in contrast to the old AFC gates at the subway stations of the second phase first phase.

However, AFC gates in all subway stations are now compatible with both QR code and open-loop NCMC.

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The users of the QR code-based ticket also receive a five percent discount. Currently, the five percent discount only applies to smart card users.

“We will start QR-based ticketing next month and NCMC will be rolled out later. In the first phase, it will only be available through the Namma Metro app, allowing other digital wallet companies to provide this facility. We will give QR code users a five percent discount,” said Parwez, the Indian times Added report.

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