Nintendo Hosting Special Splatoon 3 Contest

If you have the points, you can redeem them!

Splatoon 3, Splatfest

If you are a fan of train 3, then you will probably want two things. Firstly, all the time in the world to play it so you can level up, unlock all kinds of awesome gear and gadgets, and just have fun with it. Then two, a bunch of real-life swag you can use to show how much you love the franchise. Nintendo has so much merchandise to find on places like Amazon, but if you want some more exclusive stuff you might want to head over to your MyNintendo account and enter a new contest that just went live.

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As announced on Twitter and the MyNintendo main page, if you have 10 Platinum Points in your account, you can use them to enter a special up to three times turn 3 Contest. That’s honestly all you have to do to enter – you just need to earn 10 Platinum Points for each of your entries. If you haven’t received any points yet, you’re in luck! If you scroll down the page, you’ll see a special opportunity to get 100 Platinum Points by finding squids on a specific website. So be there.

As for what you get for winning the competition, there are actually a lot of nice treats. First you get a mini locker inspired by those that you can decorate and customize in the game itself. Also, it is decorated to further adapt to the game.

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Then you have the Vault bag, also decorated in full game style, perfect for carrying your Switch around when you travel. In this bag you can transport the system itself, 10 game cards and some accessories. Pretty handy, but wait, that’s not all!

You will also receive a water bottle and a turn 3-Backpack perfect to show off your style and loyalty to the brand.

So if you want to get in on the action, make sure you have those Platinum Points and then you have it. You have a limited time to register before the contest ends!

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If you are unable to attend for one reason or another, don’t worry. The game itself will more than overtake you, especially with all the things going on with it. This weekend is the next Splatfest! Gear, grub or fun – what would you take to a desert island? Then there’s all the rumors surrounding Salmon Run and what might be the special events surrounding it.

All in all, whether you’re a huge fan of the franchise or just a casual connoisseur, you’ve got plenty to be excited about.

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