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After weeks of speculation, Tiffany & Co. and athletic powerhouse Nike released photographs and social media posts confirming their collaboration on the shoes, along with a limited edition collection of sterling silver accessories.

Set to go public March 7, the Nike x Tiffany & Co. Air Force 1 Low 1837 is crafted from premium black suede and features the unmistakable Tiffany Blue branding on the iconic leather Nike Swoosh. The shoe also has co-branded silver detailing above each heel. The shoe has a retail price of $400, according to a Tiffany press release.

The social media reaction was mixed. Some commenters liked the collaboration and seemed willing to buy. Others questioned why this particular shoe was chosen, as the shoe has had a negative reputation in some songs, memes, and popular parlance — black troops or AF1s were known as the shoes a person “out of fit” might wear, some have pointed out.

Nike Tiffany
Nike x Tiffany & Co. collaboration images released Jan. 31 highlight a black suede shoe with a leather Tiffany Blue Swoosh. The shoes will retail for $400 at Nike and Tiffany stores starting March 7.

In its press release, Tiffany said the companies chose this shoe to celebrate the Air Force 1’s 40th anniversary. “The shoe…is the brands’ first partnership in a ‘legendary pair,'” according to the press release.

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“Each design is as much a celebration of the Nike x Tiffany & Co Air Force 1 1837 watch as a showcase of the House’s unparalleled skill and craftsmanship,” Tiffany said in a statement.

Jewelry designer Amina Sorel describes the partnership and the resulting products as “a win-win.”

“Nike and Tiffany are collaborating on an epic campaign that both the jewelry connoisseur and the athlete will appreciate,” Sorrell says. JCK. “Just Do It” in [Tiffany] The color blue signals the emergence of elegance and accessibility that jewelry lovers and sneaker enthusiasts never knew they needed.”

Nike Tiffany Dupree
Nike and Tiffany have also collaborated on a series of accessories, including dubrae or shoelace jewelry. Prices on individual accessories are not yet available.

Nike x Tiffany & Co. will be sold. Air Force 1 1837 at two Tiffany’s Manhattan locations: Flagship Next Door and SoHo store. It will also be available globally via Nike’s SNKRS app and at Nike partner retail stores across North America.

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As part of the Nike collaboration, Tiffany will offer sterling silver accessories with prices ranging from $250 to $475. These co-branded items include a whistle, shoe horn, shoe brush and signature shoelace doodle. Individual prices for each item were not available, and Tiffany did not respond to additional requests for comment on pricing.

Sneaker fans have long been waiting for the Nike and Tiffany collaboration. There are already some Tiffany-inspired shoes on the market, but they are not official partnerships between the two brands.

nike tiffany brush
Nike and Tiffany revealed their shoe accessories, including this shoe brush, which some people on social media thought might be a toothbrush. Prices on individual accessories are not yet available.

Publicity ran high the weekend before the shoes’ official launch was announced as leaked images of the collaboration found their way onto Instagram and other social media. Finally, Tiffany herself teased the partnership on Instagram; The post has over 1.4 million likes.

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In the hours following the Jan. 31 announcement, public reactions ranged from disappointment — some commenters said they would have preferred a white shoe with a Tiffany Blue Swoosh — to concerns that the shoe was a form of improvement. Pictures of basketball player LeBron James wearing the shoe also gave life to the news for another day.

Tiffany has had a variety of similar social media moments over the past few years, including when she released photos of a spiky crown she made for musician Kendrick Lamar and used art by Jean-Michel Basquiat in the “About Love” campaign with Beyoncé and Jay-Z.

The brand has also had major successes recently, including the unisex Tiffany Lock, a trendy bracelet that has gained Tiffany a new, younger clientele. Its parent company, LVMH, recently announced record sales and credited Tiffany in its press release.

Tiffany & Co. has had a record-breaking year, fueled by growing desire. And while its fine jewelry revenue has doubled, the new Lock collection of bracelets, launched in North America, has enjoyed great success alongside other popular lines.”

Top: Two product giants officially announced their collaboration on Jan. 31, revealing the Nike x Tiffany & Co Air Force 1 Low 1837 sneaker and four sterling silver accessories. (Images courtesy of Tiffany & Co.)

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