NHL Desires That Fans Have Access to In-Game Production Tools

That of the National Hockey League Dave Lehanski is a fan of game broadcasts, which feature a curated collection of sights, sounds, and images. He raved and praised our channels and said they were fantastic. However, in order to attract new followers, he carries the responsibility of personalization and customization.

This allows viewers to choose their own camera angles, audio feeds, metrics, and other information relevant to their viewing experience. Speaking further, he said, “All of these features can be built into a streaming experience,” adding a lot to what he’d already said.


According to Lehanski, the league is interested in additional digital opportunities as they become available. These possibilities could range from blockchain technology and non-fungible tokens to web 3 and tokens or anything else. This was discussed by Lehanski in an interview with SportTechie CEO Taylor Bloom.

As a result, we now have access to a wealth of previously unimaginable ways to interact and build relationships with fans. The NHL is proud to remain at the forefront of using technology in many ways to enhance the gaming experience for players, coaches and even casual fans.

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NHL News: The league is turning to technology to close the gap

NHL News: The NHL wants fans to have access to in-game production tools
NHL News: The NHL wants fans to have access to in-game production tools

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The NHL has long believed that when new fans watch a live game, they will soon be drawn in by the arena’s action-packed atmosphere combined with the speed and skill of ice hockey. The League relies on technology to close the gap with all other surviving supporters.

According to David Lehanski, senior vice president of business development and international partnerships for the league, "we believe that the in-arena experience for us is really, very fantastic, so while we work on making it even better, our clubs do a lot of the heavy lifting." "From a league standpoint, our priorities are more closely related to everything that happens outside the stadium — how are we increasing the number of people who watch the game or making it more entertaining to watch? We think that technology can contribute to achieving such goals.

Over the past 12 to 18 months, Lehanski, who has been with the league since 2005, has shifted his attention from integrated marketing and sales to business development and ways technology partners can benefit the league. With the approval of Commissioner Gary Bettman, Lehanski, Chief Technology Officer Peter DelGiacco and Executive Vice President Steve McArdle have assumed leadership roles in the league’s use of technology.

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The NHL-tested technology that highlights player and puck monitoring

NHL News: The NHL wants fans to have access to in-game production tools
NHL News: The NHL wants fans to have access to in-game production tools

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In our view, there are numerous reasons why technology is a perfect fit for growth. These include the profile and demographics of our fans who tend to be early adopters, the fast pace of the game which could be slowed down by technology for more context and editorial content, and the lack of statistical advancement compared to some other sports.

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The NHL tested technology that demonstrated player and puck monitoring and digital perimeter advertising in successful tests at the World Cup of Hockey last September. The league is moving forward on both fronts with the expectation of introducing player and puck monitoring shortly.


A collaboration between the NHL and Apple will also provide coaches and officials across the league with iPads for use behind the bench. The system, which was used in the playoffs last year, allows for the display of replays and real-time recordings. Additionally, Lehanski explained that the NHL is working with Apple to provide real-time updated essential facts that need to be accessible around the playoffs.

In addition, Lehanski and the team are investigating other possible technology applications for the league, including wearable technology, biometric applications, augmented reality, and virtual reality. Everything has been done to ensure that the technology can offer tremendous value; The only remaining questions are where and how he added it.

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