New York becomes first state to sign right-to-repair legislation

New York Governor Kathy Hochul signed the Digital Beauty Amendment Act into law on December 28th, 2022. It will take effect on July 1, 2023, a full year after the NY State Legislature’s initial approval. The law states that buyers and private repair companies can obtain manuals, designs, and analyses.

In addition, parts from original equipment manufacturers (OEM) to repair their equipment. However, the reforms that provide OEMs with certain job exemptions and escape clauses that many advocates sought for the right to make last-minute fixes seriously undermined the measure.

One of the most controversial changes in the signed law is allowing OEMs to offer component assemblies instead of single components. In addition, the law does not require OEMs to provide “passwords, security codes, or resources” to bypass security measures, which are sometimes required to protect a device that is locked but still fully functional. .

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New York is the first US state to pass a 'Right-to-Repair' law,

Louis Rossmann, editor and advocate of equal rights law. Rossman says this makes the measure “meaningless.” Today, Rossmann responded to the bill’s amendments with a video full of in-depth analysis and criticism.

Hochul says in his signed memo that the bill was amended to reduce physical harm or safety concerns when making repairs; Rossman calls this allegation “unfortunate,” and he hopes the producers will take advantage of breaking the letter of the law.

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The term “digital electronic equipment” as used in the law has a large net effect on the suitability of protective equipment. However, it excludes many categories, such as outdoor vehicles, medical equipment, household appliances, and motor vehicles. In addition, according to a blog post by iFixit CEO Kyle Wiens, enterprise equipment used by data centers, hospitals, and schools will be eliminated.

The instruments were manufactured and sold in New York for the first time

Another big change in the governor’s speech is the legal protection against old or non-existent equipment. The memo states that direct-to-use protections apply to anything manufactured before the bill’s effective date by stating that devices “that were first manufactured and sold, used or in New York for the first time” will come into effect on July 1, 2023. For a complete analysis, we must continue to examine the exact language of the final amended rule.

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Not all states have adopted an equal rights law, including New York. But what has been enacted so far is far too broad. Even efforts to enforce the law have had an impact. Many businesses have changed their positions on the right to repair because of the bill approaching New York. Along with brands including Google and Samsung decided to sell phone parts on iFixit. Microsoft also started in-house research to create some repairable devices. At the time Apple began leasing large repair kits to customers who needed repairs done.


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