New York Apartment Where It ‘Rained Maggots’ Horrifies Internet

The internet freaked out this week after a man reported how caterpillars started raining from his roof.

John, who lives in Troy, New York, rents a two-bedroom apartment for $700 a month—and when unwanted visitors started popping through the ceiling, he freaked out.

“The caterpillars were falling from the ceiling and from the light fixture in my bedroom onto my bed,” John said. Newsweek. “We only learned about this when caterpillars started falling on me while I was asleep.”

Caterpillars fall from the roof of the apartment
He photographed the maggots after they began to fall on John’s bed in his upstate New York apartment. Panicked, he shared photos of the moment his caterpillars “rained” online.
nikolo_h / reddit

Looking further, John discovered that the maggots were spreading in other directions, and he began to investigate.

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After where the caterpillars were falling from, John unscrewed the roof and found a dead mouse. On the Internet, he posted an update with a photo of the rodent and wrote: “Yesterday it rained caterpillars, now it rained mice..”

After making the discovery, John shared the story on Reddit where it received thousands of endorsements and comments.

“Oh my God,” one answer read, while another Redditor wrote: “Time to burn down the house.”

“time to move on?” Another disgusting commenter posted.

Because he rented the apartment, John called the landlord for help. “The owner has been contacted but he was not aware of the matter and we have not seen him yet,” he said.

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Landlords in New York State are legally required to keep rental premises livable under the principle of an implied guarantee of habitability. This guarantees the right to operate plumbing and hot water, for example, and cannot be waived by the landlord or tenant.

Hazardous or hazardous conditions including insect or rodent infestations, inadequate utilities, or hazardous electrical outlets can result in a breach.

Although doctrine exists, there is no formal procedure when a landlord breaches a warranty, and this can leave individuals stranded in uninhabitable homes unable to remedy the situation.

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“Just to let you picture what it’s like here, the building next door is abandoned and rundown, plus grass and rubbish,” John told Reddit users in a later comment on his post.

“Nothing bothers me more than caterpillars,” wrote another commenter on the viral post. “It’s the only thing that can trigger my gag reflex just by thinking about it.”

Stuck without help from the landlord, the tenant had to take matters into his own hands for the time being.

“We have personally paid for the temporary roof tiles to be replaced and will be working to replace them,” John explained. “In the meantime, we had to deal with frequent washing due to grubs and deep cleaning the room—especially the carpet.”

“These are horrible living conditions,” read another response to the viral post, while another Redditor wrote: “I now have a new worst fear.”


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