New PETA Virtual Reality Experience Promises ‘Close Encounters’ at University of Pennsylvania

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November 9, 2022

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Philadelphia – In an effort to foster compassion for animals destroyed and killed in university laboratories On Thursday PETA will launch the University of Pennsylvania (Penn). kidnapping—A unique virtual reality experience that hits college campuses across the country. in an eerie experience Visitors enter a mysterious truck and put on a virtual reality headset. They seem to find themselves stranded in the desert with two fellow humans. kidnapped by aliens was taken aboard a spaceship and had to experience a terrifying experience similar to what animals had to endure in a laboratory. They will watch while others Being subjected to experiments—inspired by actual tests done on animals—knowing they must be next.

when: Thursday and Friday 10 and 11 November, 11:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.

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where: Woodland Walk, 3405 Walnut St. (at the intersection with S. 36Thai Street), Philadelphia

View a sample here broadcast quality footage of kidnapping Virtual experiences on request Pictures from Penn’s early days kidnapping will be closed on Thursday

At Penn, subjects injected proteins into monkeys and piglets younger than 10 minutes, causing severe toxicity in the animals. The monkeys showed signs of shock, including bleeding, difficulty breathing, dilated pupils, liver failure, and hypothermia. pale mucous membranes and fluid in the abdomen and the piglets lost muscle control. This caused their walking ability to be greatly reduced. The subject then kills all the animals.

One of Penn’s experimenters left the university amid an investigation into his experiment involving smashing the piglets’ brains. First, he drilled a hole in the skulls of these babies. He then used a cylinder to smash the exposed brain before dissecting and killing the fragile piglet. This isn’t the first time Penn’s subjects have smashed the brains of animals, baboons, cats and mice have also suffered head injuries in the school’s lab.

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“Many students don’t know that on their college campuses. Frightened and confused animals are being tortured, devastated and killed in a cold, dry laboratory. There is no way to escape or even understand what happened to them,” said PETA senior director Rachel Owen. Help them understand how it feels. and encourage them to join the call for a shift towards superior non-animal research.”

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According to studies, 90% of all basic research most of which are related to animals Failure to heal humans Which is why PETA pushes universities Instead, turn to complex and human research methods.

kidnappingFilmed in VR180 with help from virtual reality studio Prosper XR, it stopped at other college campuses. Many places from coast to coast including Harvard University in Cambridge, Massachusetts, and Yale University in New Haven, Connecticut. kidnapping Virtual experiences on request

PETA—which, in part, has the motto that “Animals are not mine to experiment with”—anti-racism The worldview between man and cult prevails. For more information on PETA’s news gathering and investigative reporting, please visit or follow the group at Twitter, Facebookor Instagram.


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