New monitoring platform aims to teach artificial lift autonomy

Cloud computing, artificial intelligence and machine learning are rumors that spread from industry to industry. Now they have arrived at the gas station.

Launcher Boomerang SCADA is launching a platform that includes proprietary cloud computing software and edge tools that teach artificial lifting systems to monitor and automate themselves.

Austin deGraaf, Deputy Chief Operating Officer, explains, “The monitoring process is based on an old architecture that you get to read every 10 minutes.” “The new wave is microservers, cloud computing and edge devices.”

Instead of building a large monolithic system, he said, Boomerang could create a system to perform a wide range of tasks on different levels – monitoring all wells, setting hole parameters and surface parameters – for value. Same with pieces of information every 10 minutes. .

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“An edge device is on the edge of a microserver. If you teach that device rules and build algorithms into the device, it can learn to detect anomalies and make direct changes,” deGraaf said.

He noted that the training of the law machines will require experts, especially in the field of oil patches, to teach each law about Each well.

“We have a client named Mike. We put Mike’s brain in a box – it’s Mike in a box,” deGraaf said.

The company’s platform is being well received and deGraaf says what they are seeing is edge tools being taught semi-autonomous rules.

“We think it will be six months to a year before customers feel comfortable providing full autonomy,” he said of himself and the two co-founders of the company. “When they see wells speeding or slowing down every morning, they will feel more comfortable switching to full autonomy.”

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There will still be work to be done in this area, but it will need fewer people and allow the company Deploy its staff better.

Boomerang is working with operators and artificial lifts to customize its platform, which deGraaf says can control 1,000 or 10 wells.


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