New Made-in-India smart wearables brand SENS forays into the Indian market with 11 new products available on Amazon

SENS has launched 11 new wearable items in the Indian market. Among these 11 items are four TWS, three neckbands and four smartwatches. All of these goods are made entirely in India, according to SENS, and can only be purchased through Amazon. AMOLED screens, Bluetooth calls and other popular features are available on the latest SENS smartwatches.

SENS TWS earphones also come with the latest features like transparency mode and active noise cancellation.

SENS smartwatches

Four SENS smartwatches were released: NUTON 1 priced at Rs 1,499, EDYSON 1 priced at Rs 1,699, EDYSON 2 priced at Rs 1,299 and EINSTEYN 1 priced at Rs 3,099. Rectangular dials are common to the NUTON 1 and EDYSON 1 contain. The EDYSON 2 and the EINSTEYN 1, on the other hand, both have round dials. All SENS smartwatches, except the NUTON 1, have Bluetooth calling and are IP68 certified. The EDYSON 1, on the other hand, is the only smartwatch in the group without an SpO2 sensor.

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The EINSTEYN 1 is the most expensive smartwatch the company offers and features an AMOLED screen. Users can store audio files on the EINSTEYN 1, which can also be paired with TWS earbuds. All these smartwatches offer all smart features like notifications, music control, camera shutter and motion reminders and come pre-loaded with 150+ watchfaces.

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Four sets of SENS TWS earphones were launched in the Indian market. CNATRA 1 costs Rs 1,099, CNATRA 2 costs Rs 1,099, HENDRIKS 1 costs Rs 1,699 and HENDRIKS 2 costs Rs 1,599. The in-ear design can be found in the CNATRA 1, HENDRIKS 1 and HENDRIKS 2. The CNATRA 2, on the other hand, has a semi-in-ear design.

The company’s most expensive TWS product, the HENDRIKS 2, has active noise reduction in addition to a transparency mode. According to the manufacturer, HENDRIKS 1 and HENDRIKS 2 have a battery life of up to 30 hours. To connect to smartphones, each of these TWS earbuds uses Bluetooth 5.1.

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SENS neckband

Three neckbands of SENS were released: ALVIS 1 priced at Rs 699, MJ 1 priced at Rs 999 and MJ 2 priced at Rs 1,199. The ALVIS 1 can play music for up to 8 hours. However, the MJ1 and MJ2 have a battery life of 24 hours on a single charge.

The Type-C connector on the MJ1 and MJ2 is also compatible with AFAP (As Fast As Possible) charging, which provides up to 8 hours of music playback after just 10 minutes of charging.

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