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If you are looking for a good documentary It’s a must-read this fall. Here are some examples available in the Peter White Public Library.

“The Book of Murder: Memoirs of a True Crime Passion” By Hilary Fitzgerald Campbell (Graphic Novel, 2021)

Hilary Fitzgerald Campbell, cartoonist and filmmaker Explore her lifelong curiosity about murder and gruesome affairs. During the conclusion of such famous cases as Zodiac Killer and Ted Bundy, Campbell spoke about her upbringing in a true crime-crazed family. her struggle with anxiety The recent boom in true crime in the media and how these might affect her obsession. If you are a true crime fanatic and wondering how you got it? You’ll definitely be connected to the Campbell story. and let out a little laugh along the way

“Sink: The Enchantment, the Deep Sea, and the Titanic Wreck” By Daniel Stone (Documentary, 910.9163 ST, 2022)

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This book discusses different types of fascinations – the passion for discovery. In Sinkable, Daniel Stone emphasizes that this is not just another book about the Titanic. It’s about the Titanic as a shipwreck. One in about three million oceans of the world In addition to the hull of the Titanic, Stone discussed the art of shipwreck in general. in terms of the sinking of the ships and what happened to them after they reached the seafloor. If you’ve been obsessed with the Titanic (But probably not as much as the billionaires trying to find and/or claim the wreckage of the ship.) You’ll enjoy the incredible sights aboard the ship and what happened after that day in 1912.

“The Metaverse (and How It Will Revolutionize Everything)” By Matthew Ball (Documentary 303.483 BA, 2022)

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whether for better or for worse The world is becoming more and more virtual. From video games to social media (e.g. Facebook, now Meta Platforms), Matthew Ball’s The Metaverse explains what the Metaverse is (and how it will be) and the philosophical and logistic meaning of it. Virtual reality is all parallel to our own. Video games like Fortnite are already in the name. “Proto-Metaverse” But what happens when that technology expands into everyday life? Ball skillfully explores this question in each chapter. Discuss topics such as virtual products, simulations, and how they lend themselves to the full-blown Metaverse. make you excited or both This book provides a realistic insight into the Metaverse by distinguishing between what is possible and what is science fiction.

“Gen Z: Super Hero Edition” By Regina Luttrell and Karen McGrath (Documentary, 305.23 LU, 2021)

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by title The book is about Generation Z and their place in the world. Luttrell and McGrath insist that Gen Zers have many of the qualities that comic book superheroes tend to possess over their predecessors, such as the ability and desire to fight. for justice Whether environmental or social, however, this responsibility applies to Gen Z as well as heroes. The author also provides advice on how to communicate and support this generation so that they can reach their full potential as a superhero. If you’re Gen Z or know someone, This book will give you useful insights into how Gen Z is changing the world.

by Kelsey Matthews

circulation assistant

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