NBC gives viewers birds’ eye view of election facilities

NBC News has commissioned drones to fly through multiple studios and control rooms. It will operate between the multiple networks and platforms of the 2022 elections on Tuesday, Nov. 8, 2022.

The drone, starting in Studio 1A, home of “Today” and “NBC Nightly News,” enters space through a semi-hidden corridor behind the space’s main video wall and comes out near the sunrise statue. “today”

NBC will air on the MSNBC broadcast network and NBC News Now, the streaming news network. The app and digital features will cover the same event as Telemundo and CNBC.

It skillfully moves around the area with movements that will make the jib droll, and again shows how NBC used the video wall as the main background.

Even though NBC doesn’t use a window as the main background. But the network doesn’t seem to completely cover the windows behind the production area as it did in 2020 due to security concerns.

At the time, the flat video wall was now equipped with a camera to the left of the statue and also angled in such a way that it largely shielded the main anchor area from the windows in the corners of the area.

The floor is enhanced with red, white and blue colors and the Decision 2022 logo in variations. Including one logo in the main base area of ​​”Today” in the corner of the area.

The craft will then fly through a series of underground control rooms and other facilities beneath Studio 1A, before zooming past the metal detectors and flying to 30 Rockefeller Center across the street through an underground junction. It’s mostly a public arena leading to shops and other elaborate businesses, but there are sometimes images of NBC Decision 2022 on the walls.

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The drone zipped through security and took the elevator to the 7th floor, although the awkwardness between the drone and the man in the adjacent elevator was eliminated.

Here’s another view of the control room before the drone hit the upper section of Studio 6A, the former home of “Megyn Kelly Today,” which was used as a polling area across NBC and MSNBC over the past year.

Then there was a less graceful jump as the drone was transported to the third floor and to the west side of Studio 3A, which used to be the home of “NBC Nightly News” (although the broadcast took the place of 1A due to rehearsals. and the updates that happened there to transform it into an election.

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In this area, drones use a number of complex tricks. including a peacock sculpture on the ceiling that revolves in a circle on the ceiling. This gives the opportunity to see from almost 360 degrees.

It then flew under the bell arm and down the hall to the rest of 3A used by MSNBC, although a brief revision was made here.

Here, the studio’s multi-disc video panels are decorated with Decision 2022 graphics and a new curved anchor table with a polygon front with red and blue segments. As well as stars and LED panels can be seen.


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