MontanaSky expands fiber network to Whitefish

MontanaSky Networks is continuing its efforts to improve access to high-speed broadband by investing in fiber-to-the-premise (FTTX) deployment in Whitefish. MontanaSky is celebrating 28 years of providing reliable internet connectivity in Northwest Montana and remains focused on expanding its fiber network.

According to the company, broadband expansion is becoming increasingly important.

“As our communities grow, our infrastructure needs to keep up,” said Sales and Marketing Director Amber Pacheco-Holm.

According to MontanaSky, most people living within Whitefish city limits only have two choices: DSL or cable. Both technologies are powered by copper wire, and most of that infrastructure was installed decades ago. With unprecedented growth in the region, Whitefish needed an upgrade to fiber optics.

Phase one of this expansion was moved east from Highway 93 to Park Avenue and south from East Second Street to the Whitefish River.

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Ryan Bowman, CEO of MontanaSky said, “The internet business will undergo a tremendous metamorphosis over the next five years. More government money is pouring into the industry than ever before… MontanaSky sees an opportunity to bring fiber to the homes of people living in cities for the first time…”

As CEO, Bowman has fostered an innovative corporate culture and remains focused on expanding data services into rural areas that have been neglected by the major telcos.

“Our fiber lines and equipment are all brand new, so the reliability and consistency will be far superior to the older technology,” he said. “We also like to think that people in Flathead Valley would rather do business with a local company than a multi-state megacorp. We are very competitively priced, offering the same or lower prices than the competition.”

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The new fiber optic services at Whitefish include 1Gpbs Internet for upload and download, and free Advanced Wi-Fi equipment that can be controlled from a smartphone. MontanaSky currently operates over 240 line miles of fiber, carries SkyConnect wireless internet from 148 access points and is rapidly expanding its direct fiber offering.

Like all MontanaSky expansion projects, this work was 100% completed on site. The company’s fiber expert team, led by Fiber Master Journeyman Jeremy Holm, designed, engineered and will install and support this new network extension. Holm brings to MontanaSky his 25 years of technical knowledge and expertise in the fiber industry.

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“We’re here to provide our neighbors who struggle with slow and unreliable internet with the best broadband available from our team of local talent, and MontanaSky is investing private dollars to make it happen,” said Pacheco Holm. “Our pockets aren’t as deep as Charter’s, but our commitment to NW Montana exceeds theirs, and we do so with dedication.”

MontanaSky’s Whitefish expansion will provide a growing community with world-class internet with unmatched local engagement. Next up will be MontanaSky’s Columbia Falls FTTX extension.

For more information about MontanaSky, future fiber projects, or to sign up for services, contact the local office at 406-752-4335 or visit


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