Mobile eye company brings glasses to you

FLORENCESC – Chris Enzor says he became frustrated when he worked in the optical industry.

So he decided to start his own business – Clear Optical LLC – and deliver glasses directly to the customer at half the usual price.

Enzor has a decade of experience in the optical industry and has a knack for pairing the right glasses with the right people.

He said he became frustrated with the corporate optical industry because it often worked in the best interests of the company rather than the customers. He said he would often see half of his clients without the glasses they needed.

He said he knew from the backend that there was another way. Enzor said he has everything he needs, but something is missing – a business partner to bring the vision to life.

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Anna Zlotnicki was the missing link.

Zlotnicki has several years of experience in the optical industry. When her plan to go overseas to the University of Kent to pursue a master’s degree in art history fell through, Zlotnicki communicated her disappointment to Enzor, and he saw it as an opportunity to make his vision a reality.

Zlotnicki said although she doesn’t have as much experience as Enzor, she has always been familiar with the human eye. Her background in marketing and photography also fits in well.

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“She has everything I lack,” Enzor said. Enzor and Zlotnicki, both natives of Florence, complement each other.

Clear Optical is able to offer low costs on glasses because they do not have a physical building.

“By not having brick and mortar, we bring our costs down,” Zlotnicki said. “That’s how we’re able to bring the low prices to the community. We meet them where they’re at.”

Clear Optics offers single vision glasses only for distance and reading, line bifocals, line trifocals, progressive lenses, children’s glasses, safety glasses and shades. Prescription can be offered on any of the lenses. The common package is single-vision glasses with anti-reflective coating for $99. Single-vision glasses start at $69 and go up. The frames have a warranty for one year and there is no additional cost for the warranty.

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Clear Optics does not do same day delivery, but they can rush an order to make sure customers have the glasses they need for the next day.

Clear Optics does not take insurance. Whatever your eyeglass insurance benefits, Clear Optics matches the prices. Not hassling with insurance is another factor that keeps prices low.

Discounts are offered to first responders, active duty military and veterans.


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