Mobile County Public School System Takes Innovative Approach to Mathematics Instruction, Partners with HMH to Fuel Learning Recovery

Connected Teaching and Learning Solutions Set Mobile Students open to success in math across grade levels, providing comprehensive support for educators and families

MOBILE, Ala., November 17, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — When the Mobile County Public School System was faced with the question of how to best support teachers and students in math instruction while facing pandemic learning challenges, they knew they needed a comprehensive approach for grades K-8 that enable student achievement. and growth, deep support for educators, and flexible and adaptive based on the changing landscape.

In keeping with the district’s goal of developing, supporting, and retaining excellent educators, Mobile decided on an integrated approach, with a foundation of connected curriculum and professional development of learning technology company HMH. Mobile implemented the core K-8 curriculum HMH and Mathsupplemented by Mathematics 180 for intervention, Wobble for adaptive practice, the HMH growth measure for ongoing assessment, and HMH’s professional development services for thousands of teachers district-wide. These related solutions are easily accessible through Mobile students and teachers through HMH’s ed platform, which provides a unified user experience through a single point of entry for all solutions, creating seamless integration across the district’s edtech ecosystem.

After only one year of implementing HMH connected solutions, Mobile is already seeing an increase in math proficiency at a time when academic recovery is top of mind, for the district and across the country. For example, recent state test results show that the number of Mobile Fifth grade students performing at or above grade level increased by 14.7% between spring 2021 and spring 2022. Mobile’s 73 elementary and middle schools, the district saw a 5.7% increase in proficiency, showing clear progress and momentum.

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Over 30,000 students and 2,000 teachers use it Mobile’s connected math solution, and over 99% of all students use HMH’s Ed platform, which provides personalized, rigorous, standards-aligned curriculum. The district has trained 100% of its teachers and principals on effective use of ed and as a result, Mobile’s Educators are able to effectively differentiate instruction – measure student progress through integrated data reports, align content to student learning needs, and determine instructional needs based on actionable data.

“Under the direction of the superintendent Chresal Threadgill and Deputy Superintendent of Academics Dr. Lakesha Brackinsit is clear that Mobile is deeply committed to impacting students through the design and systemic implementation of a comprehensive academic support model,” says Dr. David Bain, SVP Innovation & Analytics, HMH. “Mobile County The public school system is also relentlessly focused on providing teachers with the appropriate resources and professional support to in turn have the greatest impact on student learning.

Mobile’s Vision for math instruction enables continuity and flexibility for all students as they progress from kindergarten through eighth grade, from formative math skill development through mastery of more advanced concepts. Educators and students can access core instructional content from past and future grade levels as well, so they can address skill gaps, focus on prerequisite skills, and assign more challenging lessons when desired.

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Mobile Students are also used consistently Wobble for adaptive math practice in the HMH growth measure for further assessment. data out Wobble inform the growth measure Actionable readings and reports that are then used to drive core, supplemental, and intervention instruction and inform student placement. At the beginning of the 2021 academic year, based on an initial growth measure Assessment of the impact of the pandemic on student learning, Mobile expanded its number of Mathematics 180 classrooms and train additional educators to use the solution. This strategy was developed to support students who need to focus more intensively on basic skills and proactively address challenges with impaired learning. Best-in-class intervention solution Mathematics 180 is proven to improve math scores by 2+ years in one school year.

“At MCPSS, achieving and maintaining excellent student achievement is our first goal, and what drove our decision to create a connected approach to K-8 math instruction across our district. aligned to our standards, but also accessible to educators , which allows them to differentiate instruction and address every student at every level of learning,” says Chresal ThreadgillSuperintendent of Mobile County Public schools. “The results after just one year of implementation are truly promising and we have great hope that investing in integrated, unified systems like HMH’s Ed will set students up for success throughout their academic careers and beyond.”

As a “1:1” district, Mobile provided every student in the district with a Google Chromebook for the 2021-2022 school year and beyond, in keeping with the district’s long-standing goal of providing equitable access to the latest technologies for all students. Mobile’s connected mathematics approach has been deployed via these digital devices that enhance – but do not replace – traditional classroom experiences. Students learn collaboratively through team projects with their classmates, engaging in real-world problem-solving activities. These tools are designed to empower teachers to encourage student innovation, creativity and engagement as MCPSS students continue to become critical thinkers, effective communicators and responsible digital citizens.

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