Mobile app price hike! Hurry up if you want to buy some

Buying a new iPhone from Apple has never been so expensive. The problem doesn’t end there, however. The price increase Not only will it stay on phones, but it will also hit the US giant’s app store. This was announced through a statement from the manufacturer on its website.

In addition, the fear of a possible economic crisis after the end of the summer is more relevant than ever. Mainly because of inflation, although a number of other factors have also played a part. But in any case, this increase will also be reflected in the App Store for iOS users, app store. And that itself has left those who have an Android wondering: will Google Play increase its prices?

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App Store raises prices

This price increase, which Apple announced in a statement addressed to app developers, affects all European countries, so all of them Regions that have the euro as their currency (except in Montenegro). Therefore, Spain will not get rid of this increase. However, it will not be the only area affected by the upcoming price and tax changes for applications and in-app purchases. Here’s how Apple made it clear:

App Store prices for apps and in-app purchases (excluding auto-renewing subscriptions) will increase in Chile, Egypt, Japan, Malaysia, Pakistan, Poland, South Korea, Sweden, Vietnam and all other countries Territories using the euro currency‘.

From next October 5th, all prices are changed, both when purchasing an application and when making payments within the same app. The Pricing and Availability section of My Apps will also be updated once this change takes effect. And that’s not all, the company has developed a price table divided by territory so that we can quickly see what the new prices will be according to the level of the app we want.

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What will happen in Google Play?

The doubt is there, and more so after Apple’s announcement. The price increase due to inflation it’s a fact. It’s only to be expected if the giant Google decides to follow the same steps as the Apple brand and increase the cost of buying a mobile application from the Play Store.

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However, this is not the first time prices have risen. Mainly because from last year to now the average cost of In App Purchases (within the application) has increased by up to 40% and up to in the App Store 9% on Google Play. So it’s very clear that Apple has raised prices more, and not just on its iPhone 14.

Except that if you look at the market trend it is clear that this is the case an increase in the average price of apps for smartphones and tablets when comparing the prices that the applications have today with the data of 2021.

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