Milwaukee and Waukesha counties to continue rental assistance as state ends it

MILWAUKEE – A Wisconsin program that started during the COVID season to provide emergency rental assistance is ending at the state level.

However, the Milwaukee and Waukesha counties plan to continue them. They want families who are about to be evicted to know that money is still available.


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A For Rent sign is displayed outside a building in San Francisco, Sunday, June 21, 2020. (AP Photo/Jeff Chiu)

According to Maudwella Kirkendoll, chief operating officer at Community Advocates, a nonprofit in Milwaukee and Waukesha counties that helps people access rental assistance, the project is funded, it won’t stop.



Maudwella Kirkendoll, chief operating officer at Community Advocates, a nonprofit in the Milwaukee and Waukesha counties.

“Right now there’s a lot of funding for both counties,” Kirkendoll said.

He says it’s because of the way money is distributed. Conner Goggans, senior community intervention specialist at Milwaukee County Housing Services, says that when the county received Emergency Rental Assistance (ERA) from the federal government, they offered several options, at the state and county and city level. level.

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“That allows us to continue the program beyond the state, so we don’t have an application deadline this time,” Goggans said.



When the first round of ERA funding came out, families had to test the financial crisis caused by COVID. However, now they just have to try the difficulty. Milwaukee County received $23.4 million in ERA II funds.

So far, funds from the CARES Act, ERA, and ERA II have helped 12,000 families.

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“Later in the pandemic because of the American Rescue Plan Act, there’s the ERA II money. You didn’t need the COVID connection. You just had a financial crisis so there’s still a lot of money. in Milwaukee. County,” Goggans said.

For Rent sign

Jeremy Dunk

Sign for Rent in downtown Milwaukee off Kilburn Road.

You must be a low-income renter to qualify and not have used the program for more than 18 months.



Conner Goggans, a community intervention specialist at Milwaukee County Housing Services.

“Besides the financial crisis, every story is different. We have people who are sick, maybe killed in a car accident and can’t work, maybe they’ve lost their jobs, there are many things that lead people to work. come and ask,” said Kirkendoll. “The main goal of this program is to stabilize families and make sure they are off the streets.”

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Kirkendoll encourages people to apply early when facing eviction, but says they can help even if you’re evicted and work with your landlord.

If you live in Milwaukee or Waukesha Counties and are struggling financially, you can apply for rental assistance through Community Advocates at 728 N. James Lovell St., Milwaukee. Available from 10 am to 3 pm Monday through Friday or you can call 414-270-4646. Milwaukee County residents can also contact the Community Health Commission at 414-906-2700 for assistance.

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