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If sharing your favorite looks on social media (or following your favourites) has become an integral part of your daily routine, you should try Spotify’s latest interactive in-app experience: Get ready with music.

Creating the perfect mood is a must while getting ready, and this new experience helps users create a curated, outfit-matched playlist to stream before heading out. Who said your songs couldn’t fit your style?

Whether you’re taking it easy, getting ready for a workout, or going out to dinner with friends, Get ready with music got you covered. Just answer the prompts about your look, including the occasion, colors and mood. You can then upload a picture of your final outfit and receive a playlist tailored to that mood.

Spotify also works with digital creators and stars of The D’Amelio Show, dixie and Charlie D’Amelioto launch GetReadyWithMusic and inspire fans to celebrate their own Getting Ready playlists.

Photo of dixie and charli d'amelio

Digital creators Dixie and Charli D’Amelio show off their looks for Spotify’s new GetReadyWithMusic in-app experience

Want to get started with your own GetReadyWithMusic playlist? Just follow the steps below.

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How to get ready with music

  1. Make sure your Spotify mobile app is up to date with the latest version in the app or play stores and that you are in a market where GetReadyWithMusic is available.*
  2. Visit on your mobile device (either iOS or Android).
  3. Next, it’s time to get ready! Answer prompts about your outfit’s vibes – this is where you share what you’re preparing for and describe the fit.
  4. If you wish, you can upload a photo of yourself in the outfit to serve as the playlist cover photo.
  5. Then voila! You’ll receive a playlist that complements the outfit, which you can stream while you get ready.
  6. Once you’ve gone through the experience a few times, don’t forget to check your music closet, where you’ll find all the outfit playlists you’ve created so far.
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You will also receive a social sharecard that you can share with the world using the hashtag #GetReadyWithMusic. Be sure to try out the new outfit experience every day to create a closet full of custom playlists to match your style.

Become tactile with textiles

But the passion for fashion doesn’t end there – the GetReadyWithMusic experience comes to life in more ways than one with an in-person event in NYC.

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Mark your calendars for an IRL pop-up shopping experience at the Other People’s Clothes thrift store in Brooklyn, New York’s Bushwick borough from Thursday, September 29 through Sunday, October 2, where textiles become tactile . For those based in New York, stay tuned for more information on the upcoming pop-up.

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*GetReadyWithMusic is available in 37 markets: BR, FR, DE, ID, JP, MX, UK, US, CA, AU, IN, NZ, PH, SK, TH, PK, DZ, AT, BH, EG, IQ, IE, JO, KW, LB , MA, OM, PS, QA, SA, CH, TN, UAE, AR, CO, CL and PE and 13 languages: Arabic, Bahasa-Indonesian, English-GB, English-US, French-CA, French-FR , German, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese-BR, Spanish-AR, Spanish-LATAM and Thai.

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