Mastodon, Instagram, Reddit, other alternatives

Twitter is changing rapidly under its new Elon Musk ownership. On Thursday evening, rumors that the social media platform was getting closer to crashing prompted users to write potential goodbyes in case things went awry.

The app is still hanging around, but users are scrambling to find alternative methods to communicate. The hashtags #TwitterOFF, #Twittershutdown, and #TwitterMigration are trending in the US and Google searches for alternative platforms, such as Mastadon, are on the rise.

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Here’s a list of places to go — online and in person — instead of Twitter.

Young people are increasingly relying on visually driven platforms instead of Twitter. In fact, Pew research says that the majority of US teenagers don’t use Twitter at all. Instead, her time is growing on BeReal, Instagram, and TikTok.

In Philadelphia, local Instagram and TikTok accounts cater to a variety of interests. From public art accounts like @phillypublicart to local rapper 2rare, both apps have a little something for everyone.

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It would be nearly impossible to create an expansive list, but here are some Philly ones Accounts to get you started:

On Instagram

On TikTok

  • @elijahhh47: a local educator and activist with a large following

  • @2rare: Philadelphia rapper who gained popularity on the app

  • @thelinecooks: culinary tips account run by two local chefs

  • @philadelphiajewel: a jewelry appraiser who introduced viral pieces

Reddit is a popular network that acts as a message board forum. Users can subscribe to and participate in subreddits – category-based subgroups. Each subreddit has its own moderators in charge. These moderators act as administrators and can determine the rules along with who can enter and who can be kicked out of the group. Posts can be upvoted or downvoted (like the recent thumbs-down feature on Twitter).

Philadelphia’s main subreddit, r/Philadelphia has more than 434,000 subscribers. It’s a place to share news, talk about neighborhoods and ask for advice. The platform has thousands of other subreddits users can join depending on their interests. For example, Eagles fans have their own subreddit with 237,000 followers. The 76ers, Phillies, Flyers, and Union fans also have dedicated subreddits.

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Discord and Mastodon are platforms based on separate servers that allow users to communicate with each other. Discord can be compared to Slack or Microsoft Teams. It allows users to exchange voice messages, texts, calls and files. In contrast, Mastodon is advertised as an open source app that is like a “less toxic Twitter”. It works like an email account. You choose your server when you sign up and can chat and interact with others based on your interests.

The Internet can be a great place to connect and meet new people. But it can also become a dark toxic mudfest. A popular meme on Twitter consisted of people telling each other to “touch grass,” implying that they spend too much time online. Know Your Meme says that the phrase has become increasingly popular through 2021. But you don’t have to take this one literally. Any kind of time outside can help combat all that blue light. In connection with rumors of Twitter Death, users joked about finding peace and happiness without feeling attached to the app anymore. So maybe just…go outside?

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Phones are prohibited at the quirky cash-only Hop Sing Laundromat Chinatown cocktail bar. There is no internet and it is better not to even think about taking a selfie. Hop Sing opened in 2012, and its strict policy gained national attention. House rules include no phones, no flip-flops, sandals or shorts. If you go to the cinema or a theater production, you can also get closer to a telephone zone.

Swap your typing hands for a tactile activity like pottery or candle making. Throughout the Philadelphia area, there are classes offered in performing arts, fitness, arts and crafts, and cooking. With the new year comes the perfect time to pick up something new – maybe glass bubbles?

And remember: If you miss tweeting too much, you can always watch your hand while birding.


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