Market is opening for contactless solutions – says Annemari Muru, CEO of Liigu

Woman holding a phone and showing Liigu contactless car rental app with a blurred car with Liigu logo in the background.  The app will open on the pickup screen where the user will see their assigned car and a button "I found the car" underneath.  th

Liigu’s contactless rental app that makes car communication easy for the user.

Liigu mobility logo.  Liigu is an app-based mobility service that connects cars to customers via cell phones.  It offers a convenient and sustainable alternative to owning a car.  The Liigu platform makes personal mobility services hassle-free, whether for ho

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Trends point to a shift in the mobility industry as customers and service providers turn their attention to contactless solutions.

The introduction of advanced technology to the rental industry makes it more accessible and sustainable. Openness to digitization is no longer a choice. It’s a necessity.”

— Annemari Muru, CEO of Liigu

TARTU, ESTONIA, Sept. 19, 2022 / — Liigu – an app-based car rental company says that fully mobile car use is receiving positive attention from travelers and various mobility service providers. After the 2022 peak summer season, the vast majority of customers who have used Liigu’s service rate the contactless car rental service as easy and convenient. Customer acceptance of technological innovations such as contactless car rental has changed attitudes towards new technologies across the industry.

Technology continues to be the driver of global change in almost every industry. According to a report by McKinsey & Company on technology trends (2022), interest in smart technologies in the mobility industry has doubled in recent years. Today, the market is led by big players who still use the traditional rental car approach, but discussions about implementing contactless solutions are increasing. Modern solutions should make mobility services faster, more transparent and more efficient and thus increase customer satisfaction.

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As a fully digital rental service, Liigu leverages modern technologies to create a new type of rental experience for end users. Cloud services that enable auto-connectivity and phone-as-a-key are just some of the solutions Liigu uses for its contactless service. Liigu has shifted widespread prejudice in car rental towards the discussion of the benefits of the IoT. With positive feedback and increasing recognition of customers’ changing expectations, Liigu has attracted the attention of established market players. If you want to stay ahead of the competition and win the sympathy of customers, you start thinking about how to make your services attractive to the digital generation.

Liigus CEO Annemari Muru comments on the changes in the industry: “We see that the mobility market is opening up to contactless solutions. The introduction of advanced technology to the rental industry makes it more accessible and sustainable. Openness to digitization is no longer a choice. It’s a necessity. We are sure that the future of every car sharing service is contactless and better adapted to customers’ lifestyle and needs. We welcome the competition and look forward to working with new mobility providers and traditional car rental companies to continue to modernize the industry.”

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The popularity of contactless service stems from customers’ need to save time and nerves. The shift towards contactless services is contributing to the market growth as the global rental market is estimated to almost double by 2029. In addition, contactless services offer limited contact with other people in the post-pandemic period, when security needs are high. The customers who will benefit most from the introduction of new mobility services are already embracing the changed nature of car rental.

Liigu is an app-based mobility service that connects cars and customers via a mobile phone. The Liigu platform makes personal mobility services affordable and hassle-free, whether for hours or months. Liigu values ​​real human connections and all customer service is provided by a dedicated team of people speaking different languages. Established in 2021, Liigu has served over 1000 customers in 12 different locations. The startup is growing steadily and expanding to new locations throughout Europe.

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