‘Kitney aadmi thay?’; ‘Fan gyan’ aplenty on Internet after India’s painful exit in T20 World Cup : The Tribune India


New Delhi, November 11

India’s utter defeat at the T20 World Cup has generated an expected flood of fans, from self-deprecating to team-slander, from funny to bad, lame to rude, but generally to the point.

And nowhere else was it on display but in WhatsApp University, an endless pit of uncalculated wisdom.

England’s bombardment of Rohit Sharma’s 10-point team left millions of fans feeling numb. But only for a short time.

Within hours, the WhatsApp joke factory was up and running and the memes started pouring in.

“Aetna is a one-sided match dekh ke college ka pyaar yaad aa gaya,” read one of the memes, referring to teenage boys whose enthusiastic romantic overtures were rarely reciprocated by the recipient.

Perhaps the harshest message was the alleged message from England to India: “Final hum khel lete hain. Aap Dream 11 pe team banao. (We’ll play the final, team up in Dream 11)”, referring to the popular gaming website.

An Indian cricket fan can rarely be so indulgent and playful after such a massive defeat for the national team.

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Perhaps this time was different because there was no real sadness from losing the last ball, as Pakistan suffered at the hands of India in the league stage.

The match was effectively lost in Powerplay, when England scored 63 points in six overs, and finished it off in 16th place.

The easy loss made the entire match very forgettable and even comical.

Hence the comics on WhatsApp.

Even Virat Kohli, who along with Hardik Pandya offered some respect to the inappropriate degree of 168, did not deliver.

The photo-transformed meme showed his wife sitting on her back (in a scene from the movie Sui Dhaga where she played a lower-middle-class seamstress) next to Kohli lying on his stomach in full cricket gear: Kitney aadmi the? (The famous dialogue of Sholay). Kohli’s response (Serve 2).

Yes, there are only two men: Captain Joss Butler and Alex Hales, who are the bosses to demolish the Indian dreams with their unbeaten draws in the 80’s and ’86. However, national expectations for the India and Pakistan finals have waned.

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“England: keeping India and Pakistan separate since 1947,” was a Twitter comment from a person named Melon Husk.

“This is not the first time that England has separated India and Pakistan,” a similar meme on WhatsApp said. In fact.

Memories of the partition in 1947 when British colonial rule ended with Pakistan gaining independence on August 14 followed by India on August 15 are not going away any time soon.

Referring to the subject, a commentator, presumably from Pakistan, wrote, “Hum azaad bhi aik din pehle huway or Final main b aik din pehlay ponch gae.” (We became independent a day earlier and reached the final also a day earlier.)

Perhaps reluctantly, one Indian fan responded with humor: The Indian team can go to the final yet – to watch it!

On a more serious note, one enthusiastic follower of the game, Jiten Verma, offered an unprofessional but clever analysis of India’s problems:

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“If you analyze the matches carefully, the Indian team (has) a rather mediocre performance, not counting the double streaks. We were knocked out of the league stage in the last AFC Asian Cup, the same in the AFC Asian Cup, and this time the only convincing victories came against Zim And Ned, they lost to SA and Eng and barely crossed the line to Pak and Bang with fortunate help from some marginal decisive calls in both games.

“In ODI WC we will probably do a lot better next year, but our T20 team will need a major overhaul to play a more offensive and fearless type of game. Let’s see if anything really happens,” Verma wrote.

Legendary Sunil Gavaskar appeared to have similar thoughts on Thursday when he said the T20 squad badly needed a change and predicted that a few of them would not play in the shortest form anymore.


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