Kentucky American Water talks conserving water, higher bills and additional assistance


“Every time there is a breakdown in the home, whether it’s a leak or a leak, like some of our customers who have experienced cold weather or a toilet leak, for example, those who are really affected, affect them. your water bill, because the more water you use, the more water that goes through the meter, that kind of thing,” said Susan Lancho, executive director of external affairs and government.Kentucky American Water.

So, what should you do?

“If they have a situation where they have a water line in their home this cold season, check out our website for secret information on how to fix the leak. Because some breaks are necessary for fixing the water bill, especially if there is a hidden leak, like an underground leak,” said Lancho.

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He says water breaks don’t affect water bills. In some places that encourage water conservation, Lancho also shared some tips to help your water use.

“You can save water by not running the water, for example, if you brush your teeth or shave the sink, for example, don’t let the water run continuously you do those things. Also, things like taking a shorter shower, instead of a longer shower, you can take a shorter shower, or a five minute shower, a shorter shower. Also, if you use a washing machine or dishwasher, only use it when you have a full load of laundry or a load of dishes, these little things can add up,” said Lancho.

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According to Lancho if your home is suffering from a broken water line, you should try to identify the source of the problem. “If a water line breaks in their home, you know, a water line inside the wall or outside, they want to stop that water flow so they can fix it. work. So they want to know where their water main is shut off, and then go ahead and turn off the water so they can prevent that water from breaking and wasting that water, and their homes and other structures may be destroyed.

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If you have questions about your bill or are having trouble, help is available.

“If it affects their water bill next month, you know that bill will come next month.” And you know it’s hard for them to pay that price but you want to call us and just talk about some options that we can do to pay the price in installments, or they get into other forms of assistance,” Lancho said.

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