Joint Statement on Internet Shutdowns in Iran

The United States is pleased to join the Freedom Online Coalition’s unanimous joint statement on internet shutdowns in Iran.

Initial text:

We, the members of the Freedom Online Coalition, are deeply concerned and strongly condemn the measures taken by Iran to limit Internet access following nationwide protests over the tragic killing of Mahsa Amini. In furtherance of what has become a long-standing pattern of censorship, the Iranian government has again shut down the internet on a massive scale for most of its 84 million citizens across the country by cutting off mobile data; disrupting popular social media platforms; Internet service throttling; and blocking individual users, encrypted DNS services, text messaging and access entirely.

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Millions of Iranians rely on these and other tools to connect with each other and the outside world. By blocking, filtering or shutting down these services, the Iranian government suppresses the right to peaceful assembly, freedom of association and freedom of expression; eroding public space; reinforcing an ongoing climate of economic uncertainty; disrupting access to health, emergency and financial services; preventing payments for salaries, utilities and education; and limiting the ability of journalists, human rights defenders and others to report and document human rights violations or abuses that occur during internet blackouts or communications disruptions.

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We urge the Iranian government to immediately lift restrictions designed to prevent or prevent its citizens from accessing and disseminating information online and communicating safely and securely. Going forward, we also call on the Iranian authorities to refrain from partial or total internet shutdowns, service blocking or filtering, and to respect Iran’s international human rights obligations, including Articles 19, 21 and 22 of the International Covenant on Civil and Political rights .

We remain in solidarity with the Iranian people in their call to exercise their rights to freedom of speech and expression both online and offline.

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