It seems to me Zuck might be destroying virtual reality, just as he wants it to be the core of Meta.

All the news on Meta, which is what Mark Zuckerberg calls Facebook now, is about his “vision” to be a leader in The next generation of “computers” by integrating virtual reality.

As a retired technical illustrator and computer graphics programmer, Who decides in 2021 that virtual reality is finally ready for prime time? Looks like he might destroy it before merging with anything!

I bought a cutting-edge virtual reality headset that year, the Oculus Quest 2.

Oculus was started by Google, which I respect. But it was acquired by Facebook, which I’ve always hated.

I already spent $300 on Quest 2 hoping for the best.

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I am mostly delighted. But not complete until this year.

Technical issues caused by software updates started about a year ago. Which is exactly when Meta launched, coincidence?

Hmm… I understand when tech support seems to be AWOL in response to a bug. And now I feel that the glitches are getting worse and worse with my Quest 2, and that the tech support to fix the glitches is insufficient or nonexistent. I won’t go into details. But I started to think about the word “collapse”!

I think Oculus headset users are going to revolt if this continues. There was panic among some of them. personally I think I lost half the utility of the headset that I had when I bought it. Due to new bugs which are not fixed and Meta has no sign of fixing them. That’s a big deal!

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Where has the talent gone? That should improve the performance of the Rift, Quest, and Quest 2 instead of sacrificing quality.

I have my theory…

Zuckerberg could have foolishly moved them all over to the next big thing, the Oculus Pro, which would cost five times the Quest 2 if it worked.

I always thought Facebook was a joke from the start. And call it Farcebook and avoid it like the plague. Now the whole world Except old people posting pictures of their grandchildren online and silly messengers know that Facebook has always been a joke.

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We should expect the creator of this wasteland to carefully handle most of the virtual reality he bought. So that he could build a new “Metaverse” around it?


And now it looks like he might break it. So he had to wrap it in newspaper. not metaverse and throw it in the trash. I’m throwing Quest 2 in the trash because it’s becoming more and more useless every day. Obviously because of Meta!


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