Is This Crypto Casino Safe & Legit?

7Bit is an online bitcoin casino that offers all cryptocurrency related features. In recent years, there has been a significant increase in public interest in online casinos. Not everyone resides in Las Vegas or has unlimited access to casinos. This is how Internet casinos like 7Bit Casino bring the casino experience home. Similar to a traditional casino, players must deposit dollars into their account in order to play their favorite casino game and enjoy gambling.

As the name suggests, bitcoins can be exchanged for cash. The site allows betting against bitcoins. Additionally, if players are new to casino gambling, it offers a demo version of each game to practice before wagering real money.

A little bit about bitcoin

The first Bitcoin was created and mined in 2009 using blockchain technology. Nobody, not even Satoshi Nakamoto, was aware of its long-term consequences. Back then, no major investor or developer predicted that Bitcoin would change the global order. However, in recent years we have witnessed and observed how cryptocurrencies have supplanted cash and banknotes. It has become the new payment method. Numerous shops, restaurants and online marketplaces such as Shopify now accept Bitcoin as a means of payment.

The reason is simple. Anyone who reads the daily news and keeps abreast of current events is aware of the impact Bitcoin will have in the future. Accumulating Bitcoins is crucial. But there is a limited supply of Bitcoins in the world.

Online casinos have become excellent places to exchange bitcoins for bank account funds. People can win while playing their favorite casino games. In addition, they can withdraw their winnings to their Bitcoin wallet.

How does 7bit work?

In order to start playing your favorite games, you have to fill out a form and provide some personal information.

The platform validates the information provided. Once identity is verified, people can start playing and winning.

Make a deposit to the game account now. The company accepts deposits through a variety of methods, including bitcoin wallets. The minimum deposit amount is $10.

You can reserve free slot machines and play the demo version of a particular game before wagering real money.

Once they have completed their practice, they can use the funds in their account to bet against bitcoins and win in their favorite game.

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Retreat whenever necessary. People can choose to withdraw their bitcoin wallet earnings as cryptocurrency. They can also use their earnings to buy rewards, gifts and bonuses.

How can a player use 7Bit Casino?

Players must first register on the platform. They will be asked to fill out a form with their information on the company’s website.

The company uses an algorithm to validate the information provided. Once the verification is complete, users can proceed.

The company allows members to practice before they make a deposit and start playing. The demo version of each game can be accessed for practice and to pick a favourite.

The next step is to fund the account. The minimum deposit amount is $10.

People can now start winning while playing their favorite casino games.

They can then quickly withdraw their winnings in bitcoins to their bitcoin wallet.

The online casino essentially allows players to exchange bitcoins for cash and accumulate bitcoins for the future.

The advantages of bitcoin for casino players

Then why use Bitcoin for online gambling? Crypto casino players using BTC have several advantages over those using other currencies.

Strong security

The blockchain network ensures complete security for all financial transactions. To make a payment through a ledger system, users only need to provide a one-time key. This peer-to-peer protocol protects Bitcoin transactions from fraud and hacking. In terms of security, no other alternative payment mechanism can compete with cryptocurrencies.


Traditional transfer methods are often associated with delays and a lack of protection against human error. The blockchain network enables fast and automated payment processing. Bitcoin transfers from any region of the world take no more than ten minutes. Neither a cumbersome bank nor the human element will prevent you from making a payment as soon as possible.

Absolute anonymity

Many private individuals have concerns about disclosing their bank and credit card information on the Internet. It’s understandable as nobody knows how these websites protect private information. With no intermediaries, Bitcoin transactions allow players to maintain their anonymity. They simply require a unique code shared between the sender and recipient.

Less fees

It’s unlikely that people will be happy to pay a money transfer fee, even if it’s modest. Fee-free transactions are one of the distinguishing features of Bitcoin. You don’t have to pay commissions to banks. You can only willingly pay a fee to speed up the processing time. Even in this case, it is significantly cheaper than bank transfers and other online payment solutions.

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Strong Liquidity

One of the most important elements that determine whether an asset is stable or not is its liquidity. Bitcoin has this advantage over fiat currencies. Bitcoin is in constant demand. Several trading and exchange services that have appeared on the market are clear evidence of this. So you can always check the value of Bitcoin to buy or sell it at the best price.

Complete control over finances

Since every bank has an owner, its own funds are subject to the interests of others. If the bank fails, people run the risk of losing all their wealth. Bitcoin, on the other hand, is independent. Cryptocurrency does not belong to banking institutions or governments. People are responsible for the general management of their funds.

How to join casino games with bitcoin

Bitcoin can be used to deposit, bet and withdraw winnings at 7Bit Casino. Players can even top up their balance when away from their computers and install a bitcoin wallet app on their smartphones. Choose to play from the platform’s extensive range of online BTC games.

Players on the platform can count on bitcoin casino bonuses to enhance their overall gaming experience. 7Bit Casino members receive additional benefits through their VIP membership. If people have any questions about Bitcoin games, they can contact the 24/7 customer support team.

Prices and Benefits

Welcome Kit

  • Welcome 100% Bonus up to $300 or 1.5 BTC and 100 Free Spins.

  • 50% bonus up to $400 or 1.25 BTC bonus

  • 50% second deposit bonus up to $800 or 1.25 Bitcoin

Regular bonuses

  • Monday Bonus Reloads – Start the week off right with a 25% Monday Reload Bonus!

  • Free Wednesday Spins – Every Wednesday is a fantastic opportunity to play a new game! Get an extra 100 or 40 Free Spins instantly!

  • Weekend Cashback – Get up to 20% Weekend Cashback at 7BitCasino!

  • Daily Cashback – Cashback at the player’s discretion daily! Get 5%, 10% or 15% cashback on previous day’s losses.

frequently asked Questions

What happens if the player forgets the password?

In this case, the player can navigate to the company’s website and click on “Forgot Password”. They will then receive a recovery link that will allow them to reset their password and regain access to their account.

How can players redeem the first deposit bonus?

When players make their first deposit at the online casino, the money needs to be processed. Once processed, the deposit bonus will be credited to your account immediately.

Where can players buy bitcoins?

There are numerous Bitcoin-related services. Examples are Bitstamp, Coinbase and Spice.

How can a player open an account?

Please register by clicking the button in the upper right corner and filling out all the important fields. After correctly filling out the forms, the platform sends the person an email with a link to confirm their email address. After confirming the email address, the account will be successfully created and activated. So people can then start playing all the games.

Can certain 7bit games be played without purchasing anything?

Yes, people can play multiple games on the 7-bit platform without purchasing anything. You can use demo mode to play any game on the internet for free.

What to do if the game pauses unexpectedly during a round?

If the game stops unexpectedly in the middle of a round, the player should restart the game, check the internet connection and, if the problem persists, contact customer support. The profit is credited to the account.


In recent years, online casinos have emerged as one of the most legitimate and uncomplicated ways to earn a return on invested capital. However, bitcoin casinos have only just been launched. 7Bit was the first bitcoin casino to be launched. People can deposit funds to play their favorite casino games and then withdraw their earnings to their bitcoin wallet. All of this allows people to increase the value of their virtual gambling investments and accumulate bitcoins for the future. Register now for the free casino!

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