Is San Francisco Dead? The Internet Still Wants to Know


Over the past few days, SF fans and haters have had plenty of content to piss off like this A viral tweet appears to reveal a nearly empty Westfield Mall Make the rounds and piece in The New York Times Check the pulse of a struggling downtown.

While San Francisco is no stranger to dumping—both literally and figuratively—one local doctor and apparent SF Fanboi sought to debunk the well-worn narrative that the city is on its deathbed and make a more positive prognosis.

In response to the Times’ A story declaring downtown San Francisco the “most lonely” in America, UCSF Professor of Medicine Eric Widera Post a tweet thread He documents his family’s weekend outings, noting not-so-empty city streets, parks, and plazas.

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“My family started the day with some croissants at Arsicault, a picnic in the vibrant Clement Street scene,” Wider writes. in one tweet, Follow that up with photos of people skating in Union Square and strolling along Valencia Boulevard.

While some Twitter users Widera pooh-poohed reinforcement– with one mentioning that he only had it One actual photo of downtown in its themeOthers appreciate Widera Stand up to the old gray lady. (Here at The Standard, we know from our reporting that the Times isn’t quite wrong, though we can relate to finding the log paper tending to parachute into SF in a rather disturbingly negative fashion.)

When it comes to the tweet that allegedly depicts a hollowed-out Westfield shopping center, we’ve got a few ideas. As many Twitter users have noted, the image — posted by Nick Foster, Google X designer —Somewhat mite. It’s true that the image makes the mall look like a ghost town, but according to many commentators and some of the standard staff who were born and raised in San Francisco, it’s really not surprising to find this part of the mall uncrowded, even in the afternoon. Saturday before Christmas.

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Some Twitter users thought the photo was “Flourwhile others thought the image setting and angle were misleading.

The truth is, the future of San Francisco’s downtown corridor is in jeopardy, though it’s not impossible to find the good news. Whatever the future holds, some anecdotal tweets posted by SF supporters can’t answer the question of whether the city is truly doomed. But there’s no harm in enjoying a lively discussion!

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