Is Google’s Business Model In Danger? Why Does Google Fear The Popularity Of ChatGPT? 2023

Is Google’s business model in danger? Why is Google afraid of the popularity of ChatGPT?


  • According to the New York Times, Google has posted a “red code” warning about the growing threat posed by the artificial intelligence ChatGPT bot.
  • According to the article, CEO Sundar Pichai has allocated some resources to work on expanding the company’s artificial intelligence offerings.
  • Is Google’s business model in danger?

A potential new model for Internet search has been unveiled by ChatGPT, the most popular artificial intelligence software from OpenAI. The chatbot provides thorough explanations in response to questions on topics such as political science and computer programming, and because it uses a question-and-answer structure, users can go deeper and deeper until they fully understand it.

Similar searches on Google often require users to study the results and browse through multiple websites before reaching their own judgment. ChatGPT, on the other hand, delivers a clear response (or at least a clear voice) in seconds.

OpenAI’s ChatGPT is fast becoming the dominant online messaging platform. OpenAI has made its AI-powered chatbot available to the public for testing, and anyone can try it out and get a feel for how it works for free.

Many even claim that ChatGPT has a strong chance of disabling Google Search because of its more interactive and human-like responses. The fact that ChatGPT can analyze and build applications in a matter of seconds is a disappointment for future programmers. It allows the solution of even the most difficult math problems.

There is talk of a “red code” posted by Google’s top echelon due to the rise of ChatGPT AI prominence.

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The advent of ChatGPT, a popular AI chatbot developed by OpenAI, has reportedly prompted Google administrators to issue “red code” that raises concerns about the future of the Google search engine.

The Times studied internal reports and recorders, said Sundar Pichai, chief executive of Alphabet, Google’s parent organization, attended several meetings on Google’s business plan and led several departments to shift focus. Their sentiment to counter ChatGPT’s dangers to Google’s core capabilities.

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The Times reports that several Google departments, including R&D, Trust & Safety and others, have been told to shift their focus to facilitate the development and launch of new prototypes and AI products. The Times reports that some employees have been tasked with creating artificial intelligence products that can create OpenAI DALL-E artwork and photography, which is used by millions of people around the world.

A Google representative did not immediately respond to a request for comment from Insider. In the midst of internal and external debates about whether ChatGPT, led by former Y Combinator chairman Sam Altman, could drop search engines and threaten Google TV marketing strategy, Google TV has chosen to increase its focus on products. Artificial Intelligence (AI).

Sridhar Ramaswamy, who managed Google’s marketing team from 2013 to 2018, told Insider that ChatGPT could discourage users from interacting with Google ads. By 2021, advertising generated $ 208 billion for Google, or 81% of Alphabet’s total revenue.

In the first five days of its release, ChatGPT had over one million active subscribers. ChatGPT creates personal and human responses to queries by analyzing information gathered from thousands of websites. As reported in a recent article by Insider, the chatbot is asked to do a variety of tasks, including college essay writing, coding, and even providing treatment.

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However, it is observed that bots often have problems. According to an Insider interview with AI expert, ChatGPT could not verify its claims or distinguish between true and false information. The ability to create new solutions is called “confusion” in the field of artificial intelligence.

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Bloomberg reports that bots can make insulting statements, including racism and racism. The Times reports that Google has been cautious about releasing the artificial intelligence chatbot LaMDA (short for language samples for dialogue applications) to the world due to the chatbot’s high potential for inaccuracies and toxic effects. According to a recent CNBC story, Google executives are concerned about making it widely available in its current version due to “reputation risks”.

Google’s head of artificial intelligence, Google Brain Zoubin Ghahramani, told the Times that he believed chatbots “were not tools that users could use regularly” until ChatGPT was introduced.

Experts told the Times that instead of removing its search engine, Google could focus on improving it over time. Google is rumored to be researching innovative AI services, so if they do make their debut at the corporate I / O annual developer conference scheduled for May, it would be a deal. A big one.

AI products and prototypes from Google

Teams from Google Research, Trust and Security and others were asked to help develop and introduce new AI models and products.

Is Google’s business model in danger?

ChatGPT, according to Sridhar Ramaswamy, who managed Google’s advertising division from 2013 to 2018, could stop people from clicking on Google links with ads that by 2021 generated $ 208 billion, or 81 percent of the revenue. Alphabet total revenue.

Is ChatGPT a threat to Google?

There are some similarities between ChatGPT and Google search. The UI is useful for gathering information and is comparable to Google Search. Despite the fact that there are some significant differences between the two.

Using Google Search and ChatGPT

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It is incorrect to say that ChatGPT is a “Google killer” because the two technologies are different and have different uses. The GPT language model has a variant called ChatGPT that was created for chatbot only. By typing a keyword or phrase into the search bar, users of the Google search engine can search for information on the Internet.

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Google analyzes millions of websites, sorts their material by relevance, and then ranks the results. Finally, it creates a list of options for you to choose from. ChatGPT provides an attractive option for website visitors who click through time, providing only consistent answers based on their own search and synthesis of information.

ChatGPT is programmed on thousands of web pages to learn not only how to have a natural conversation with people, but also to the actual content of those conversations, given that the material will be published online until the end of 2021.

Google offers its own kind of common answers to some questions, however these answers are often Compilation of web pages with top search engine rankings. In addition, it features a highly proprietary language prototype called LaMDA, which one of the company’s engineers mistakenly thinks the system is compatible with.

Why does Google not create its own unique response to queries like ChatGPT? Because of what makes it difficult for users to read search results, it will affect Google’s operating business model, which depends on persuading users to click on ads. According to data compiled by Bloomberg, 81% of Alphabet Inc.’s $ 257.6 billion in revenue. 2021 came from advertising, and a large part came from Google’s pay-per-click advertising.

In just five days, ChatGPT has reached 1 million users. That was a great achievement; Facebook takes ten months to get there, compared to Instagram’s 2.5 months. Although OpenAI has not made public estimates of its potential use, Google could be in serious danger if its new chatbot starts sending links to other sites, especially those that provide merchandise.


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