Interview With Eugene HO – Dayta AI

PIA spoke with Eugene HO, CTO and co-founder of Dayta AI about the value that AI brings to the shopping experience, what is the biggest cyber threat in the AI ​​industry and the importance of protecting user data.

Private Internet Access: Thank you for taking the time to visit us today. What motivates you to start your company?

Eugene HO: We started the company before graduation – first we positioned ourselves as a provider of on-demand artificial intelligence solutions. We are winning and I especially enjoy the process of transforming users’ pain points into AI concepts, clearing technological barriers and ultimately overcoming customer expectations.

Game changer time is when we won the LVMH game with the built-in audience analysis solution. Throughout the competition, we are aware of the lack of data skills in the industry and, more importantly, the potential for offline data analytics. This opportunity became our inspiration and helped create our value proposition and ultimately gave us a challenge. Four years later, the concept was deployed in more than 80 supermarkets and retail stores and beyond.

PIA: What do you like most about working with AI?

E: Witness whether AI can achieve what we can not do, whether it is size or accuracy.

Acquisition of comprehensive data is not straightforward. While data is usually collected online, it can be categorized. On the other hand, traditional offline data collectors often require high costs, additional resources, and additional hardware installation, but they fail to provide quality data for offline space.

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We have been working on using AI to help make data analysis accessible, even for those with little technical knowledge. With AI and big data, even small and medium enterprises can benefit from digitizing their work environment and streamlining their business processes, thus achieving equipment and resource optimization. .

PIA: Speaking of Dayta AI, what are the benefits of retail shopping and what is your signature product?

E: The retail industry is beginning to understand the importance and benefits of digital data transformation available to them and how it helps them make data-based decisions. On balance, the industry is adapting to AI-assisted footfall analytics.

Our proprietary product, Cyclops, provides seamless data collection and business intelligence using only existing infrastructure. With Cyclops, users can control locations in real time and see customer behavior. Our on-demand business intelligence reports also provide in-depth insights and data-driven strategies to enhance the visitor experience. Combining data and practical insights, our solutions can drive business operations and generate more revenue.

PIA: What are the biggest cyber security challenges with AI and how does your company solve them?

EAs a cloud-based AI AI SaaS product, we are in the midst of a cyber-attack. Because AI uses more data for computing purposes compared to traditional applications, the data comes in larger sizes, which expands the scope of security.

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With security as our top priority, we have built our cloud infrastructure with well-planned network disconnection, implement industry-best security practices, and adopted zero trust principles such as minimal access rights to minimize space. Attack.

We understand that in addition to infrastructure, users are also one of the most important factors in cyber security. Recently, even big companies like Uber have experienced data leaks despite their security infrastructure, as their contractors have confirmed multi-factor authentication for unauthorized access. With this in mind, regular cyber security education for internal and external users is the key to Cyclops data security.

In addition to consumer measures, we also conduct regular security checks, vulnerability testing, and unauthorized access checks to ensure that our SaaS products are competent in the marketplace.

PIA: How does Dayta AI address the security of its customers’ data?

E: Protecting the privacy of our customers is our top priority – our technology complies with the GDPR (General Data Protection Act) and other jurisdiction data protection standards. In contrast to solutions that use face recognition and record the identity of visitors, we use only physical features and features that do not identify customers or personally identifiable data. In addition, such data collected is also collected over time, which can not be determined by any individual. It reduces the incentive for unauthorized access or attacks on our database.

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Furthermore, for all user-provided data, the information at rest and during our internal VPC transit is encrypted and access is restricted behind the MFA by user acceptance. We regularly test intrusion on endpoints facing all of our users to ensure the accuracy and security of our customer data.

PIA: Why do you think individuals and companies need a good VPN?

E: Voice VPN eliminates risks such as attacks by people in the middle.

For VPN companies, from one site to another ensures that connections to external parties are protected by allowing the secure exchange of private or sensitive information between counterparts. An internal VPN, on the other hand, provides protection for remote access to internal services, even outside a designated office or location, enabling colleagues to contribute normally under WFH policies.

While many individuals are very concerned about their privacy when it comes to third parties, whether they make money or not abuse their data, they often neglect their online privacy. With data breaches seemingly inevitable in modern life, with a great VPN, users can securely protect their sensitive data and digital traces and enjoy the Internet with peace of mind.


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