Internet Trends And Creators Of 2022

One of my favorite creators on TikTok, by far, is Nick Rosenthal, aka @clownfacebinch, who can’t seem to get a break with the guys he meets in NYC. Whether it was the story of him going down on someone and sucking their genitals while watching Emily in Parisor being as restrained as a rotisserie chicken, I deeply enjoyed Rosenthal’s wild dating stories and am rooting for him to find true love in the new year.

This week on Twitter

First, a man went viral on Reddit of a certain song he played during sex, which went viral on Twitter and TikTok as people shared the hilarious story behind it. do not worry my love It premiered at the Venice Film Festival, and everyone followed the drama between the cast and discussed their every move on Twitter. Then Lea Michele made her debut in the lead role on Broadway funny girl Recovery after months of mounting tension. Queen Elizabeth II died on Thursday, prompting a cheery global response from people who lived in or descended from countries that had been oppressed by the British Empire. By Friday, people were talking about the conspiracy theory that BTS member Jungkook was the reincarnation of Princess Diana. We don’t get many weeks where current events are ideal for social media discourse, but this September, we had seven days of Good Twitter.

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Analgesia by Andrew Tate

Kickboxer-turned-men’s-rights activist Andrew Tate became the center of a very misogynistic conversation online this year. But seeing his alterations with shorts, acrylic nails, and false eyelashes brought me an incredible amount of joy. It was the perfect online response to a creator who called women “property.”

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TikToks mini shop

From ice mugs and bagged drinks to a variety of ramen you can make at the store, TikTokers like @tokyogirl__ and @annainseoul were some of my favorite creators to watch this year. Content is the perfect slice of life that makes you want to go somewhere else and try something new; Alyssa, better known as @tokyogirl__, shows you around the city and wider Tokyo metropolitan area, and Anna (@annainseoul) lives in Seoul. These videos are not made through a white or western lens, which is something I appreciate most about these influencers, keeping their videos very transparent on cost and quality.

Megan and Harry dialogue

it’s a This does not mean that the documentary will be released It was one of my favorite moments of the year, and indeed the social media rhetoric about it. The commentary was a perfect time to revisit moments that felt left out of the documentary – like the King Charles breakdancing clip, the clip of Mim Harry running to get ice cream, or again King Charles DJing saying “dig that crazy beat” – and discussed How much royal celebrity story We care anymore.

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Strange cakes

Inclined, puffy, shaped like something else—all of my Instagram’s futuristic and spooky buns have dominated my Explore page. Will I ever eat one? Mostly not! But there’s just something so wonderful about opening up your social media and seeing a bunch of silly, weird cupcakes with flowers, swirls, and avant-garde decorations adorning a pile of sugar. It feels like an instant shot of serotonin to the brain.


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