Internet ‘Creeped Out’ Over ‘Terrifying’ Note Allegedly Left on Woman’s Car

Online commenters are concerned about a woman who said she received an anonymous message from someone who was “daydreaming” about her [her] little more than [they] should.”

Someone was leaving notes on my car at work. [and] This is the most recent and deepest yet. Nope,” the post on the Reddit forum was called “Mildly Infurating” under the username u/Zeddstar2000 as the woman shared a photo of the note, writing. The post has amassed more than 52,000 upvotes and more than 7,400 comments from Redditors, many of whom think the woman has a stalker and should call. Police You can read the full post here.

According to the National Coalition Against Domestic Violence (NCADV), stalking is widespread in the United States; One in six women and one in 19 men have been stalked in their lifetime, and in many cases, the stalker was someone the victim knew. On Friday, u/Zeddstar2000 said this applies to her condition.

‘who am I’

In the comments section of her post, u/Zeddstar2000 said Friday’s letter was the fourth she had received in recent months. The first and second were short—they simply read “Hi” and “Have a nice day,” she said—but Friday’s message was more in-depth.

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A man leaves a love note on someone's car
Online commenters are concerned about a woman who said she received an anonymous message from someone “dreaming about him.” [her] little more than [they] should.”

“Who am I…just some[one] Who hopes to brighten your day by reminding you how beautiful you are,” the letter began. I’m the one who wonders if I’ll ever get lucky… I daydream about you a little more than I should. “

The author of the note went on to say that they are “a bit more broken than the others” and not worth u/Zeddstar2000’s time. Although they didn’t leave a name, u/Zeddstar2000 said they were “very positive” because they knew the author.

My bosses know [of the letter], and I am sure I know who he is and where this remark came from. there [are] Close cameras would tell me who she is too,” u/Zeddstar2000 wrote.

Redditors reaction

Redditors called the message “creepy,” and many encouraged u/Zeddstar2000 to call the police.

“[This is] Beyond mild anger. [It is] Totally creepy and you should [buy] Dash cam so you can see who that person is [and] Probably [call] Sh/Stefaniki said.

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“This is terrifying. Please take this to the police and have them check.” [the] cameras. This guy seems to think he’s romantic, but that’s just confusing and really scary,” u/mummylu wrote.

u/_overfiend added: “Take this seriously[ly]. Don’t ignore this. This is creepy for everyone just to read it. I can’t imagine how are you [felt] receiving it.”

Professional advice

said Kim Cavern, senior director of the Crime Victim Assistance Program at Safe Horizon Newsweek that people should seek help “immediately” if they think they are being stalked.

“Stalking is a serious problem that can put people in danger,” Cavern said. “If someone has been stalked, we recommend reaching out for help immediately […] Often, but not always, they are carried out by someone known to the victim.”

Cavern says victims should document everything — when and where they see their alleged stalkers, when and how they receive notes and/or gifts, and when their stalkers communicate electronically. She also advises them to contact professionals to help create safety plans.

“For example, you can arrange to text a friend when you leave work and when you get home so they know there is a problem if they don’t hear from you. You can arrange for a car escort or have someone walk with you in your car or transportation,” Cavern said. We don’t necessarily recommend changing your phone number as that can sometimes cause the stalker to escalate and try to find other ways to contact you. Again, a professional can help guide you to the changes that are right for you.”

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You won’t bother me anymore

But u/Zeddstar2000 has not reached out to local law enforcement or advocacy groups. Instead, she and her boyfriend called the alleged stalker’s boss.

“[The note’s author] He’s the one I suspected, and as far as I know, they won’t bother me anymore,” u/Zeddstar2000 said.

Newsweek Reached u/Zeddstar2000 for comment. We were unable to verify the details of this case.

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