Intel targets RTX 3060 takedown with Arc Alchemist price cut

Intel is cutting the price of its Arc A750 graphics card to attack Nvidia’s popular RTX 3060. Starting today, the Arc A750 starts at $250 for Intel limited edition models.

As you can read in our Intel Arc A770 and A750 review, the card barely beats the RTX 3060 at 1080p, with a more significant lead at 1440p. The price cut cuts the price of the A750 by $40, tipping the value scale in favor of Intel.

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Intel claims the A750 offers 52% better value for money compared to the RTX 3060 considering price and performance. However, Intel made this assessment based on the $391 starting price for Nvidia GPUs. You can find new stock RTX 3060 graphics cards starting at $340 at the time of publication. Based on this, the A750 offers close to 39% performance per dollar.

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The main hurdle for Intel’s Arc Alchemist GPU was DirectX 9 performance. Shortly before launch, Intel announced that it would not support DirectX 9 directly, instead relying on emulation. This has had a huge impact on DirectX 9 games such as: Counter-Strike: Global Offensive And StellarisConfirmed through reviews.

However, Intel says it has made great strides since the release of DirectX 9. Along with the price cut, Intel is introducing new drivers that further improve DirectX 9 performance.

Intel claims a 77% increase compared to the driver at launch. counter-Strike, 45% increase League of Legends, and 10% jump Guild Wars 2. On average, Intel says the A750 is 43% faster in DirectX 9 games than at launch.

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Intel has also made progress with DirectX 11 and DirectX 12 gaming. Warframe. Intel said it was specifically targeted. Warframe However, you shouldn’t expect such a huge jump from other DirectX 11 and 12 titles for optimization.

It’s an impressive claim, but it’s important to wait for third-party testing. Now that Intel’s latest drivers are available, we can put the Arc A750 back on the test bench to see if the performance gain is as great as Intel claims.

While GPU prices have dropped significantly over the past year, budget options are still few. At $250 where the Arc A750 currently goes, the only other option is AMD’s RX 6600. It’s a solid GPU, but as you can read in our RX 6600 review, it lags behind the Arc A750 in ray tracing performance.

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Starting with the price reduction, Intel is also offering new Arc GPUs with the following code: nightingale And Settlers: New Allies.

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